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Before the trail was rerouted it had a section in the center that been closed. You could not run the trail thru. The section that was closed had a reputation for some serious accidents. There had been deaths. It was a cresting hill that could be run downhill only. You had to be in a low gear under acceleration driving faster than you would slide. You could not see where or what was happening next because of the crest. As I remember about halfway down there was a sharp right followed by another sharp left. It was at these turns that trouble was encountered or the person had gotten on the brakes and was out of control. You just could not stop. The FS closed the trail by digging a giant tank trap and installing chain link fence. You can still get to that section from the top but are stopped a good distane before the trenchs. From the bottom you can not find the old trail. It was put to bed and has been reforested. It may of been named because of that section.
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