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I guess I'll share. It was good to get my wife and two little Jeeper Chicks out on a run.
Here are most of the rigs of the day...

...including these two.

Ever see this much flex in a stiff sprung, leaf spring flat fender.

Unfortunately James was the first victim of carnage with a broken driveshaft.

Anybody think Wrench (on the PP board) is just talking about the work he's done on his 4 cylinder... take a look he owned this BIG dune and he had all four in the air on some other dunes.

I'm not so tacknically litarate, but isn't something missing?

Oh, and look past the broken part, and you might get a feel for the big boy dune.

Hey Jafo, don't you need that under the Jeep?

And now, my artsy pic... this TJ kept trying, but I think he continued to be denied on the dune.

I tried the dune once, but some big red Ford land yacht was in my way and I was forced to put cable to him to get him out of my way. Im sure I would have made it otherwise and that is the way Ill continue to tell the story. Thanks for calling the run Ceg Grumpy and I think we will see some good press from getting the Herald out there.
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