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Bunk the Whore club that I saw running the snowshoe trail on Memorial day weekend 2008 had a round sticker on the door with the "bird" flying in a fairly round pattern. Yes it is the same emblem you see on the you tube vids. The snow shoe trail does not open up until the 15th of June. This club was camped at the North side of the Williams creek campground, and had around 6 rigs. Why do I remember this? because it really pissed me off when we were returning to camp from a run one afternoon, the members mooned my club as we drove by. The next day we were up on the logging road where the snowshoe trail starts and we met the same bunch of guys on the logging road and they had a lot of mud on and all over their rigs, The tracks on the road were of similar tread and were coming from the trail head. There were no other real muddy areas up there at the time, that were open. To me this is very certain evidence that the particular vehicles were running a closed area. They were reported to the rangers and they stated they have had their eye on them for a while. I dont know what that means. I refuse to believe they have never been there, as I have seen them in the Liberty area several times. If it was before you joined then shame on them and I hope you will be able to educate them as to proper "tread lightly" procedures. This is not the first time they have been discussed around a campfire either.
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