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- Wheeling reports and pics pics, pics, pics... Stories of the trail and race

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Old 02-28-2009, 04:35 PM
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Default "Wagons East!" Naches Pass Run (October 4th, 2008)

All Wheelers Off Road Club
"Wagons East!" Naches Pass Run
October 4th, 2008

On Saturday October 4th we all met up at the All Wheelers camp off FS1906 at 10 AM. On this run we had eleven rigs. The plan was to take Pyramid Pass over to the west end side and run Naches Pass Trail east.

We head out and just turned onto FS1914 when Scuba's XJ had some steering problem. We stopped and waited for him to go get his other XJ back at camp.

Once Scuba got back, we were off.
Not to far down the road Waycrazy found out he had mice living in his rig.
He had to stop and get the baby mice out from under his gas pedal.
They put the baby mice in a box but could not find the mama mouse.

Once on the west side we took a walk down to see the historical Naches Cliff.

The walk back up was a work out for a lot of us. Feel the burn!

And we are off to hit the Naches Pass Trail. Scuba took the road around with his stock XJ.

Here we are at the top of the first climb.

Waycrazy found the mama mouse running around in his windshield frame. He could not get her to come out.

We stopped at the top of the next climb to wait for everyone.
Kevin had a few tires going flat on the way up.

The next climb was slick. I came close to taking out some XJ side windows on a big stump.
BlindPilot winch through that area so he did not break his new hard top on his TJ.

I waited up on the trail were FS7080 crossed in hopes of finding Scuba.

The others met up with me so we moved on.

We got up to the Pacific Crest Trail to find Scuba waiting for us.

We took a walk to the cabin.

Here are two of my boys. Test Dummy and Bubz.

Back at the parking area.

Kevin had one tire loosing air fast so I loaned him my spare.

Here is the trade.

BlindPilot's new TJ top still in good shape.

Moving on up the trail.

Test Dummy found he had a tranny line leak so we stopped on top of the pass to fix it.

While we were there a lady from the Cascade 4x4 Club met up with us.
She was on a Doe Run and one of the rigs had a problem.
She needed to get back to NF19 where her group was camped to get some help.
We told her we would get her back down to FS1914 where she could hit the road.

Crawl Mama keeping warm.

Back on our way.

A long the way Waycrazy's mama mouse fell into his heater fan. She didn't make it.

Here is where the lady from Cascade 4x4 Club turned off to get back on NF19.

We waited up for everone to get caught up.
Kevin had another tire loosing air fast. BlindPilot loaned him his spare too.

On the last bridge "Roll Over" almost lived up to his name.

I winched the front of Roll Over's rig back onto the bridge.
Some of the guys picked up the back of his truck and slid it over.

The last climb was real slick. A few people had some problems.
Guedo had to winch his rig back on the trail.

Coming off the other side I had to pop my rig in a higher gear and let it go because I was sliding down.

Here at the end of the trail a lot of people headed for home and we headed for camp.

This was a real fun time thanks to all that came.
Clay Graham

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