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Old 03-11-2009, 09:07 PM
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Default We need you Friday in Olympia

Don't forget the WOHVA Legislative Rally in Olympia on Friday, March 13th. It is so very important we have a big turn out. The previously dead bill eliminating the NOVA committee has resurfaced and is being heard on Thursday. We cannot afford to let our guard down and need to make a big impression on Olympia on Friday. You can join fellow motorized enthusiasts at one of the meeting points and caravan to the Capital or just meet us there. The speakers begin at noon but people will be showing up between 10am and 11am. We have chartered a bus to bring you up from the parking on Deschutes Parkway. Please come into the capital area to make the circle before going to the parking area.

Our first rally in 2005 was instrumental in re-opening the now Straddleline ORV Sports Park. Since then each rally has given us an even greater presence in Olympia and has given us a voice in protecting motorized recreation. Most recently at our last rally in 2007 we literally stopped Senate action on SB 5544 which would have prevented you from even starting your OHV on your own property.


For more information go to www.wohva.org. There are maps, flyers and additional information.

Please pass this along and encourage everyone you know to attend. Your future in motorized recreation depends on it!
Diana Stafford
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Overbored Racing
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Old 03-11-2009, 09:16 PM
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Two years ago attendance at the WOHVA OHV Rally in Olympia stopped
Senate action on the onerous SB 5544 in its tracks. They decided not to
even bring that Bill out on the floor for its previously scheduled debate
and vote once they knew WE WERE THERE in Olympia!

That Bill would have prevented you from even starting your OHV on your own
private property! Those who packed the Senate galleries that day
will never forget how good it felt to be there! It was a terrific and
really historic occasion!

This year the most onerous Bills proposed by the anti-access, anti-OHV
legislators are dead at this time thanks to efforts to date. However,
dead Bills are really Zombies that can be brought into action by the use of
various procedures IF their proponents think the opposition to them has gone

Other legislation is still pending to which the Zombie Bills could be
attached if your enemies think they can Git-Er-Done by sleight of hand or by
sneaking it through in the closing minutes of this session. PLEASE DO NOT

ATTEND THE RALLY so THEY know WE STILL CARE, are WATCHING THEM and to be a part of the celebration of what has been accomplished to date by being involved.

If you have not read Senator Kline's now infamous anti-OHV letter responding
to a very polite email, it is available on line at -

Senator Kline is still in the WA Senate and has never recanted his
anti-access, anti-OHV position. He was in fact the co-sponsor of some of
this year’s anti-OHV legislation!!!!

The few OHV Positive volunteers who continually monitor current OHV
legislative activity in Olympia on your behalf NEED YOUR HELP IN PERSON at
this OHV Rally. The impact on the Legislature of seeing Olympia being
brought almost to the point of gridlock by OHV users arriving with their
toys is incredible!

We also have a brand new Commissioner of Public Lands, Peter Goldmark, who
along with the DNR staff will also be taking notice of whether or not OHV
Positive users care enough to show up. Let’s be there and make sure there
is no doubt in their minds whether we care or not!

This Friday’s OHV Rally is the most visual way possible to demonstrate how
much of a positive impact OHV users have on the local economy in this state.
Government works on the premise that money talks and BS walks. The fact that so many OHV Positive people are willing to show up in Olympia on a work day, on their own nickel, REALLY impresses the legislators and they talk about it for a long time thereafter.

PLEASE BE THERE THIS FRIDAY and bring ALL of your kids (schools will let
them count it as a Civics Lesson education day if you ask) and riding
buddies along with your RV’s, OHV trailers, toys, etc. Let them see the
monetary commitment you have made in order to be able to enjoy this great
family sport!

Diana Stafford
Cascade 4x4s
Overbored Racing
Countyline Offroaders
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Old 03-11-2009, 09:27 PM
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Wish I lived closer. Good luck.
Alan Paulson
Umpqua Valley Timber Cruisers 4 Wheel Drive Club
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Old 03-11-2009, 09:43 PM
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I'll be there!
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Old 03-16-2009, 07:17 PM
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Sorry I couldnt be there this year. Its rare that I cant tweak my work schedual around things but this time work won So did anyone go ? Havent seen any reports or pics
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Old 03-16-2009, 08:25 PM
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I was present. It was not as big of a turnout as in years past. But the message was clear. There were numerous speakers. Their message was clear. Could not put a finger on the reason as to why there were fewer people. Weather? It was a beautiful day. Economic's? Maybe, but now is when we need to speak loudest!! Lack of the info getting out the the individual's? Perhaps, although I knew of it and saw to it that my club's did also.

Parking was close for me (3 blocks). The hot dogs were good. I'll be at the next one. We should all help to promote the next Rally!!!

Here is a link which shows some of it. http://www.definethemoment.net/news/?p=1367
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