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- Wheeling reports and pics pics, pics, pics... Stories of the trail and race

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Old 03-27-2009, 11:22 AM
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Default AWORC Ahtanum 2008 Labor Day Run

All Wheelers Off Road Club
Labor Day Weekend Saturday Run
August 30th, 2008

On Saturday August 30th, 2008 most of the group met up at the All Wheelers camp at Tree Phones.
Blind Pilot was waiting for us at the Nasty Creek Corals.

We aired down and were on our way to Louie Way Gap.
It took about 35 minute to get to Louie Way Gap by forest roads.

We headed up 4W613. 99 in the Tweety Jeep had some problems with the first two climbs.
The Tweety Jeep had broken a rear axle from pulling the Forest Service trailer on the 4W608 work day the Saturday before.
We did not have the time to change the axle before the run so we knew Tweety would have a little harder time than the
rest having an open front and only one working axle in the back.
99 got crossed up against a tree and had to back up. The tree is ok but the Tweety Jeep took on a little carnage.
Here 99 is starting the climb again.

We had to use the Tweety Jeeps winch to get passed the rock section.

I walked back down to take pictures of the others coming up.

Sgt. Superman

Blind Pilot

Crawl Dad’s brother in law

Crawl Dad

At the top of the steep climb.

The first three rigs

The last three rigs

At the Louie Way Climb Vista.

Here is looking down at Long Lake. The Sunday before I was looking up from there.

On up 4W613 the trail gets a little off camber in a few places.

Here we are at the Northeast Strobach Mountain Vista.

Here we are at the 4W613 and Strobach Mountain Trail junction.

We stopped at the Strobach Mountain Vista for a look down at Rimrock.

We talked the Peak Putters that were wheelin’ down there somewhere.

Moving up the trail.

99 working the Tweety Jeep around the rocks and stumps.

On the top crossing the upper meadow.

There is a nice view of the Yakima Valleys from there.

Moving on through the Dome Peak Fire Area.

Down at the Lower Meadow we were stopped by a lady that told us we
needed to wait for a big group of ATVs coming off of Foundation Ridge.
I told her it was not a problem but she needed to have her friend stop riding
in the meadow and she needed to move her ORV back on the trail.
I told here what they were doing was illegal and they could get a ticket for being off the trail.
She said she didn’t know they could not ride out there. She had her friend park his quad.
I told her that our club put the logs up at each end of the meadow to show where the trail was
so people would know where the trail was and not drive in the meadow.
She said she only went around the logs to go out and sit in the sun because she was cold.
Again I told her it was illegal to be out there. The lady walked back out to her ORV and sit in it without moving it.

Here is some of the damage.

The ladies friends finely came down the trail and all drove out there in the meadow with her.

On up the foundation Ridge climb, 99 had some more problems getting the Tweety Jeep up a loose area.

I ran her winch out and got her winched up and around the corner.
With me coaching 99, she was able to start climbing again.
She was doing real good until the other rear axle broke.
It was time now for the strap.

Using 3 traps I pulled her Jeep on up the loose section with my XJ.
Once past that loose part we took two of the straps off and use only one.
The trail starts getting tight at the top of the climb.
On one hill climb 99 said I pulled her into a tree and she clipped the driver’s side fender.
The marker was already broke so the fender only got damaged again.

We finely made it to Jackass Road where 99 could use front wheel drive to get off the mountain.

The run was a blast thanks to the people who came wheelin’ with us.
Thanks for helping 99 through the trail.

The disappointing part of the Labor Day Weekend run was seeing some people have no respect for the ORV areas they use.
Friday a guy with his gal on the back of his Motorcycle were riding
off the road in the Tree Phones campground. One place was by the creek.
He rode up from behind the REHAB AREA – TREAD LIGHTLY sign.
He read the sign and then parked next to it in the Rehab Area. I have pictures.

On Saturday’s run we came across two groups off the 4W613 trail.
I am not sure where the first group went off the trail but some how they pasted us twice going the same direction.
The second group caused damage in the lower meadow that could get the trail closed.
We are not just going to set back and do nothing because we don’t want to have the trail closed.
The appropriate authorities will get a report with pictures.
We have an emergency work party scheduled to work at that meadow
so others don’t follow in the damage since it looks inviting to mudders.

Tread Lightly or have your picture turned in!
Clay Graham

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Old 03-27-2009, 11:23 AM
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Default Part 2

All Wheelers Off Road Club
Labor Day Weekend Sunday Run
August 31st, 2008

On Sunday August 31st, 2008 most of the group had to go home and the
Tweety Jeep broke down on Saturday’s run so it looked like I had no one to wheel with.
Then PUO and The Punisher pulled into our camp at Tree Phones with PUO’s old
Chevy Step side that was turned into some type of Monster Buggy thing.

We left Tree Phones and ran down the Mid Fork.

We turned off and headed up A2400 to Red Saddle and onto the Sedge Ridge Crest Trail (A1400).

Here we are at the Rocky Climb.

My Blue XJ did better climbing the Rocky Climb than I thought it would.

A few pictures of the Monster Buggy on the trail.

PUO and The Punisher

Back at camp Phantom 309 showed up to pick on the Monster Buggy.

We took a run up Whites Ridge. On the way a little diesel pickup joined us.
Here we are turning off Whites Ridge Loop to take Whites Ridge Crest Trail.

Looking back down the hill climb.

The tall rigs had fun driving on this log across the trail.

I cut the log and the other guys moved the cut parts off the trail.

On up the trail near Whites Ridge cross-over trail.

Stump crawling?

Up at the Make-out Point Trail junction.

Just past Gray Rock Trail.

We took a short break from the dust wheeling.

Back on the trail we came to some tight areas for the Monster Buggy.

We ran the trail to a new logging road.
Here a little diesel pickup is picking on the Monster Buggy.

We headed back down to Tree Phones for dinner.

This was a fun crazy time thanks to all that came.
Clay Graham

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Old 03-27-2009, 11:39 AM
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The Forest Watch Volunteer Program was started because of the people we saw off the trail this weekend.

Join us to encourage people to stay on the roads and trails so areas don't get closed to ORVs.

Clay Graham

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