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- Wheeling reports and pics pics, pics, pics... Stories of the trail and race

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Old 07-06-2009, 03:23 PM
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Default All Wheelers "Do the Dew!" Run (July 4th, 2009)

All Wheelers Off Road Club -
"Do The Dew!" Run
July 4th, 2009

This year’s "Do the Dew!" Run I was not able to ride my quad because of my bad back hurt too much.
Here are the pictures I did get a long with a few on the run we went on.

The quad and bike riders getting ready at Tree Phones.

And the 10 riders are off to “Do the Dew!”

We decided to head down to the store to get some thing to help our sick 3 year old son.
On the way back we went up the Ahtanum South Fork Road.
We found Hercules' (one of our members) horses were out running down the road.
We stopped and helped his sister get the horses back home.

Once we got up on Sedge Ridge we added Green Dots to the 6 new markers we had place on the last trail work party.

We took the Sedge Ridge Crest Trail back down to see if any other repairs were needed.
We headed back to Tree Phones to eat lunch and to get Luna for the next run.
This next run was from Tree Phones to Jackass Road @ the Gray Rock Trail and then back.
We had to time it to see how long it takes to get there since we are doing an aid station for the 50 K runners on July 11th, 2009.

We headed up the Mid Fork Road up onto Darland Mountain.
The views were not bad for how hazy it was.

Mt. Adams

Mt. St. Helens

We dropped off of Darland Mountain and ran into a big snow drift on the North Fork Road.
It was fun crossing the big drift.

Next we headed up the Blue Lake Trail.
Up passed Blue Lake I waited for Luna to climb the hill with her quad.
Here is a picture of Mt. Adams from there.

We got up on FS1020 and ran it onto Jackass Road to the Gray Rock Trail crossing.
It took 1 hour and 20 minutes to get there from Tree Phones by the way of Darland Mountain.

We back tracked pass Blue Lake. We did not want to stop there because of the swarms of mosquitoes.
We stopped for a break down the trail before the North Fork Ahtanum Road.

We ran the North Fork Ahtanum Road down to the Whites Ridge Cross-over trail and back to Tree Phones on the Mid Fork Road.

After dinner we headed back down the Mid Fork Road, up A-2400, A2420, A1490 and then down A1200 (Boulder Trail) to the view point over Tampico.
This is where we watched the firework shows in the valleys below.

The big fire work shows look small from there but it was a lot of fun for the family.
After the show we went back to Tree Phones to sleep.

The next morning (Sunday) we just could not take the mosquitoes anymore.
The mosquitoes were worse than I have even seen them.
The mosquito repellent products did not stop them from eating us up.
We threw everything in the XJ and camper and headed down to the Ahtanum Sno-park to cook breakfast.
It was hotter there but we did not get one mosquito bite there.

This was a great weekend thanks to the people who came.

Oh PS: We decided against camping at Tree Phones for the 50 K Run.
We plan to just go up from the bottom by the way of Jackass Road.
Clay Graham

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