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Old 01-05-2009, 05:06 PM
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Default EWA Newbie Snow Run (Dec 27th, 2008)

Newbie Snow Run at Ahtanum State Forest
Report and photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

On Saturday December 27th, 2008 we meet up at the Cowiche Mill DNR parking area.
On the way there I had to stop to take pictures of this dog playing with a squirrel.

Once we were all at the meeting area, we headed up Cowiche Mill Road.
A little past the end of the county road I had to air down more.

On up the road we regrouped just past the first Green on the right (road to Hatton Rd)
making sure no one went up it since there were tire tracks coming down it.

We made new tracks from there.

On up past Reynolds Creek we saw a big herd of elk crossing the road.
I only got one picture because my camera we messing up.

At the next Green Dot road we took a right toward Jumpoff Tower.
We had to stop and air the Tweety Jeep tires down.
99 has a lead foot and she had problems with the last hill climb.

Fish had to turn around and go home for some reason.

We headed on. It was hard to see where the trail was.

The snow drifts got real deep. We moved to the side to let Nevada lead since his truck had tall tires.

Nevada working it.

Roller bear's turn.

Blind Pilot



This is where we lost the trail and had to turn around to go back down.

Back down the trail regrouping.

Next we turn up the next Green Dot Road toward Hatton Road.

Here is where we turned onto Hatton Road and headed toward FS1302.

On Hatton Road the drifts got deep in spots.

We stopped in the trees where the snow was not so deep so we could take a break.

On up past the old cabin, I was pushing too much snow to go.
Nevada had to take the lead again.

We let Nevada get up to the top of the hill before going.
We got some speed since I was still pushing snow with my low rider XJ. 99 kept up with me.

Nevada pushing on.

This snow drift was deep.

Once on top the weather got real bad. So we decide to turn around.

Well we had to play some first.

Scuba pressed his luck in the deep snow drift.

Nevada gave Scuba a pull.

We had fun up on top and now it was time to head out.

Here we are dropping down toward Cowiche Mill Road.
We are waiting for the rest of the group. I thing Roller Bear was stuck.

Regrouping on Cowiche Mill Road.

We headed on out toward home.
This was a very fun run thanks to all the came.
Clay Graham

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Look like you had a blast!!!
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