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Hey Folks do you know something that you want to tell folks today.. send and email to Admin@pnw4wda.org and let me put it up here


Oregon Reintroduces Bill to Limit Suspension/Tire Alterations
Specifically, H.B. 3147 would ban vehicles whose bumpers are elevated more than 3 inches over the original manufactured bumper clearance. for more information Click here and Read about it on our forum

Oops I did it....Yeah I did it again. Hey but I'm willing to fix it

If you registered for trail Jam on the web page.
if you are one of these folk;
Dean B Little, PO Spalding, James T Hogan, Josh E. Nelson, Andy Pibal, Sam L. Nelson, Lauren E Berglund, Chris A Berglund, COLIN J PAULEY, Mark A Berglund, Tim L Burk, David V Jenkins, rick gervais, SCOTT DREEN OTTO, PETER A GROGEL, TIM A LEWIS, troy wasmundt,
Please email Edward at admin@pnw4wda.org or call 360-878-1677 I need you to help me fix your registratioin form. We have conformation you paid so your good but.... We need more info

Trail Closures coming our way! Guess Winter is here!

Naches trail closed from Nov. 15th until July 15th (west side)

North Idaho Trail Blazers 2011 CABIN FEVER RUN SATURDAY, April 16th, Pinehurst, ID

for more information and registration forms go to North Idaho Trail Blazers Registration Form Must be received no later than March 2, 2011
download your Flyer here and your Registration Form Here

Sand Flea Rally April 30th, 2011 Sand Lake Oregon Siuslaw National Forest

Registration Deadline is April 10th download your Registration Form here

July 23rd The Rednecks & Rug-Rats want to invite you to their Fun run at Evans Creek ORV Park

July 23rd Evans Creek ORV Park for more info download your flyer here for word docand Here for PDF

Off Road Animals want to invite you to their 19th Annual fun run

At Evans Creek ORV Park August 13th, 2011 9:00 AM for more information download your flyer
here for pdf
or here for jpg
First rig out @ 9AM / Last rig out @ 1PM Raffle tickets are $1 Each raffle ticket receive three chances to win. 1st Chance to win: raffle @ the Moonshiner's swap meet for portable air compressor Then at the Fun Run we will be raffling a Stihl chainsaw and a Master Pull synthetic winch rope Short wheel base vehicles recommended and a winch is advised. All entries must be street legal with insurance. TRAIL PASSES ARE REQUIRED BY THE US FOREST SERVICE. It is your responsibility to have one for each vehicle you have present. Passes can be purchased in Burnett or Wilkeson on the way to Evans Creek. For more information or if you have questions, please contact our President, Al Seeley 253.862.5252 or our Vice President, Brian Abbott 360.761.7151

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Do you want it listed here? Contact the webmaster and get yours listed webmaster@pnw4wda.org add the subject of ((Good for Front Page))

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