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Merrick Graves 09-24-2018 10:44 PM

Attendance Report for Fall Delegate's 2018
Could not find an attendance report in the 2018 Fall Delegates meeting Minutes. Asked what the numbers were in the form of a comment to the minutes. Apparently the Webmaster has to review such a comment to that section of this page. Never got a reply. So I will ask here. Can we please see an attendance report amended to the minutes or separately added to the forum?

Art Waugh 09-25-2018 10:29 AM

We are down to around 85 clubs, and had 33 Delegates at F/D. Sorry I don't have a breakdown of thosse attending.

Roll call was not done, or even a motion to do it via sign-in sheets.

Merrick Graves 09-25-2018 10:36 AM


Originally Posted by Art Waugh (Post 21438)
We are down to around 85 clubs, and had 33 Delegates at F/D. Sorry I don't have a breakdown of thosse attending.

Roll call was not done, or even a motion to do it via sign-in sheets.

Thanks for the reply and info. However I'm looking for an official amendment to the minutes or at least a response from a BOD member. Doubt if either are forthcoming.

Offroadangie 09-25-2018 11:02 PM

Roll Call
Merrick & Art,
After a review of the minutes you are correct, we did not have a motion to use the sign in sheet as roll call as is normally done. It was on the agenda and somehow got missed. Not only did I miss it, so did all the delegates in the room. It was a very productive meeting and it is sad you pick apart something like that. You have my phone number and could always pick up the phone if you have a question. I look forward to seeing you at the meetings to make sure we don't miss anything.

Angie Marek

Art Waugh 09-26-2018 08:28 AM

Not picking it apart, I missed it in the printed agenda, and didn't even think about it until I read the minutes as printed here.

I just pointed it out to Merrick that way so he would know it wasn't accidently dropped from the minutes.

Merrick Graves 09-28-2018 07:32 AM

Not a pick at all. I asked a legitimate question.Which by the way was asked as a reply in the reply section that the minutes are posted in. But that reply needs to be approved by the webmaster, who never replied one way or another.
Why would I make a pick here? There's only 8 members that post or pay attention on this forum. Now that's a jab and a legitimate jab at that!

Art Waugh 10-01-2018 05:48 PM

I made that observation at the end of F/D, and urged the membership and BOD to make use of this site in addition to the other forms of communication available, and not for the first time.

As usual it has fallen on deaf ears, and beating your head on a brick wall is way less painful. It's my opinion that the BOD as a whole would just as soon see this thing go away. Now that Arlene is gone, I don't expect any current information to see the light of day here so that the membership that isn't interested in F/B or others of that ilk, can't do anything until the moment has passed us by.

So much for furthering the form of recreation, let alone trying to keep what we have.

Sad state of affairs when one of the most respected Associations in the country has dwindled to just 85 clubs in the three states, and only 33 Delegates can even be bothered to come to a meeting. At least our club had our alloted pair there.

Merrick Graves 10-04-2019 10:35 PM

Art guess what I read the minutes and even though there was mention of using the sign in sheets as "Roll Call", there was no numbers about how many delegates from how many clubs. :Dogfather:

Art Waugh 10-31-2019 11:42 AM

Sorry I haven't been around on the site for awhile.....dead as it is, no reason to visit.

There were either 32 or 33 votes cast on the by-law change, so basicly the same as ast years F/D meeting.

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