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jim putman 05-13-2019 06:03 PM

Trail conditions
May 13th UPDATE -

Taneum - We are opening trails TO THE SNOW LINE this weekend. Our volunteers logged the North Fork Taneum, Taneum Ridge and Fishhook this past weekend. Some of you may have seen them because a group camped at Taneum Junction and rode the closed trails....AND were not skilled enough to ride over the downed trees....nor carry a saw to logout downed trees.....and created quite a bit of resource damage....BUT don't fear, our great volunteers cleaned up after you before those who dislike motorized travel got to get photos of the damage. Taneum Junction and Icewater Campground ARE CLOSED for Hazard Tree removal - and the tentative plan is to finish by Friday, but just in case they aren't finished, know there are multiple dispersed site in the area where you can park.

Please Please PLEASE turn around at the snowline.....and carry a handsaw to clear limbs from downed trees.

Manastash 3100 is open all the way over to the Taneum....snow is melting FAST! That means folks are on the 4x4 trails - so again, help us out! DO NOT GO AROUND downed trees - get them off the trail or head home.

Liberty - Our big Pacific NW 4 Wheel Drive work party will be clearing trails starting May 18th and can use all the help they can get to clear for the Big Weekend. Please contact

Teanaway trails remain closed. We will recon Iron Bear soon - Any V-Team members, please contact us if you want to head that way.

Congratulations to our new Sawyers (11 of you!). We had a fun class last Saturday.

UPCOMING TRAINING CLASSES - Tony Leibelt will be offering a First Aid/CPR Class on June 22nd. Class size is limited so please contact me asap if you're interested! is up and running - but not finished.....trying hard though!

See you on the trail soon!

jim putman 05-14-2019 06:35 PM

Taneum Junction is cleared of Hazard Trees and has re-opened! Icewater has not been done yet and remains closed. is up and running and if you go to the Resource Page you can record trail work on the new form! Not sure how it looks on the mobile site as I haven't worked on that yet, but I will this test it out! I also uploaded volunteer agreement forms and instructions....if anyone is interested - I will still need to contact you, but this gets the paperwork completed. Sorry the Job Hazard Analysis' look crummy - I scanned the signed forms. I will go back and load the Word Documents and save as a PDF as well.....tomorrow.

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