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Ceg_ 04-02-2010 11:57 AM

All Wheelers Wenatchee / Leavenworth Event (Jan 23rd, 2010)
All Wheelers Off Road Club -
Wenatchee / Leavenworth Event
Jan 23rd, 2010

On Friday January 22nd we left Selah around 9:30 AM and headed North over the passes.

Our first stop was at the Aplets & Cotlets Factory in Cashmere Washington.

We bought a box of Aplets & Cotlets and then headed to Leavenworth Washington.

The first stop was at Safeway since we had forgot some things at home.

Next we went to the old part of Leavenworth to check in at the Bavarian Ritz Hotel.

Looking off the sun deck of the Bavarian Ritz Hotel.

Heading down town for lunch.

We stopped at the Munchen Haus Bavarian Grill and Beer Garden for a BIG “BOB” Bratwurst and Hofbrau Munchen beer.
Here are a few pics of this cool place.

Here are some shops.

We walked around a lot of shops stopping different place trying the beer and wine.

Friday night we met up with Icesis, Barbie, Dennis and his wife for dinner at Cafe' Christa.

After dinner we went for drinks and live music at South.
After the band was finished playing we parted ways with the other in our group.
99 and I stopped at the Post Office Saloon. We ran into our waiter from dinner at Cafe' Christa and joined him for drinks.
We finished off the night at Ducks and Drakes which is in the hotel we were staying at.

Saturday morning at 9:30 AM we walked to the Baren Haus Restaurant for breakfast.

After breakfast I left 99 in town to shop and I headed to Wenatchee to met up for the wheelin' run.

Heading up Birch.

The road was very slick from mud.

Cool view of Wenatchee.

The mud turned to snow. Now we are having fun.

Here I am the first to get stuck.
I am not sure why I was leading in this heavy open dif rig.

A Toyota to pull me out.

The snow got real deep around the bend so a few of us turned around to head out as the others pushed on.

Heading back down the mountain.

At the bottom of Birch we parted ways.

jeffs_62 met us with his family at the Tumwater Inn Restaurant & Lounge in Leavenworth for dinner.
After dinner jeffs_62 took his family home at we met up with Icesis, Barbie, Dennis and his wife for drinks & music at King Ludwig Restaurant.
We decided we would move onto another place and so we stop at the lounge in the Tumwater Inn Restaurant & Lounge.
The group wanted to go back to where they were staying so 99 and I went over to Visconti's Ristorante Italiano for a drink.
We had one more drink at Ducks and Drakes before heading upstairs to bed.

Sunday morning we check out of the Bavarian Ritz Hotel around 10:30 AM.
We walked over to Cafe' Verona and Bakery and had breakfast.
After breakfast we took a walk back to the frozen rig to head home.

Here we are leaving for home around noon.

This was a very fun event thanks to all who came.

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