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Dogfather 08-16-2015 07:23 PM

MissMudder From Dog Pound Off-Road
So on Aug 14th 2015 we pulled the trigger and drove to Stanwood and picked up Sue a 1991 Geo Tracker.
it has a 1.6L 8 Valve with automatic, Open diffs, stock gears in T-Case (we can fix that in time) it already has had the interior pulled and the inside has been Rino lined... don't know what brand they used but it has some good gritt to it. and it has a Calmini 6 inch Combo lift installed, with 32/11.5/15 Super swamper SX's
I did not get any pictures at the guys house we just wanted to get it and get home. All the pics I have are from here at the house... Let me tell you about the smile she has been wearing......LOL

I'm going to post pics then Sue and I are going to make list's of to do's

Saturday Morning when I realized I had no pics.

When we went out and was thinking of where to start.

well fist things first had to put a good battery in it and fix a rigged battery terminal,
Then get it off the trailer I have video of Sue pulling it off the trailer and her first time driving it.
They pulled the console out of it so I had to make her a temp (what gear am I in) marker

MissMudder off the trailer

Her first spin around the field

Look at that Smile

She was Proud to put on her club colors for the first time on her own second Rig (her first one was the Dalmatian)

Asked her to wave ....Look at the Happy Face

I was tinkering in the Garage and snuck up behind her and caught her starring at it

She found the factory mirrors in the Parts box

And the Transfer shifter ring

The Blue parts are the Calmini new Lower control arms

If you pull forward a bit the tires try to point at eachother

Going to have to figure out what to do to that.

Dogfather 08-16-2015 07:24 PM

oh and I forgot for $400 more wer bought a brand new never installed 8K Xrc Smittybilt winch with synthetic rope But I guess it's an old winch because I just looked at 4wp they don't offer them anymore.

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