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Grumpy 09-07-2017 01:40 PM

Legacy Roads
Well, I see WildEarth Guardians are pushing the Legacy Roads and Trails Program thing again. Does this affect us? You bet it does. It's one more mechanism that limits access by destroying any road that meets the alleged "criteria", and you can bet they'll target trails we use to recreate. The thing is, many of these roads and trails may be subject to RS2477 inclusion as public rights of way, and we need to pressure our county boards on this. Sadly, many of them may not be aware they have tracks that qualify, or may not really care, politics being what it is. The Rubicon is an official county road, and we may very well have old roads and trails on our forests that meet the requirements, same as the Rubicon. I think it's time to get this into the conversation, and get more folks aware of Gangreen's efforts against not only these roads, but public access overall. Study on it and give your thoughts. It's that important if we want to keep our mountains open.

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