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Arlene Brooks 09-01-2015 06:11 PM

Dog Lovers -
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Add your favorite - who is next?

Arlene Brooks,
GRVJ Member, Region 1

Art Waugh 09-02-2015 01:09 PM

No pictures of any of the 4 we owned over the years.....or maybe they owned us.... but partial to Samoyeds. High maint. animals (think snow white long hair, sled dog), and ours got medium maint. The last one, Crystal, got nicknamed "Old 90 Weight" by another member because she would lay under the drips and leaks on the big Cherokee or drag her fur through it on the way grease/oil is so pretty on a white animal.

The one prior to her, loved a couple of potato chips (and only a couple), and then we made a mistake...we put dip on one. He refused any chip after that unless it had dip......

They both loved a small DQ cone and would get bent if we got ours and not one for them. Louise would hold it in one had and turn it for them as we went down the road...The looks we got from those passing us were to be treasured.

wcjp 09-02-2015 06:20 PM

How about a blur? Action shot of the new family addition caught on the bed.

Dianamal77 09-02-2015 11:16 PM

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A little about my pet Millie…
Millie, aka Mille2 or Millie Boo Boo, came to us in a roundabout way so I have to start at the beginning.
In December 2009 I had to put my Great Dane, Thelma, to sleep. She had been with me for 10 years and was my family, not my dog. I lay on the floor at the vet’s office with her when she went to sleep. My heart shattered. I vowed I would never have another dog because the hurt that’s left when they go is almost too much to bear.
Of course new pets were always trying to find their way into my house. My husband brought home a kitten one time and I made him take it back. Another time our neighbor offered me another Great Dane but I was solid in my conviction that no new pets for me.
Then one day my husband’s ex-wife told us about a neighbor dog named Millie that was being mistreated by her owner. Their entire neighborhood had gotten together and decided a new home was needed for the dog. They didn’t want to see her going to the pound. After much begging and pleading from my family, I finally caved and grudgingly agreed to take the dog. So, the ex-wife dognapped her and brought her to us.
On Monday we left her in the house and went to work. When we got home the house was destroyed. She shredded too many things to count, including the blinds off all the windows.
So Tuesday we left her in our fenced yard. When we got home there was no dog to be found. She had dug her way out under the fence and disappeared.
After 4 days of searching the pound, Craig’s list, and driving around the neighborhood we finally found her. She had been picked up by a nice lady about half a block from our house the day she went missing. The lady took her home and contacted the pound. I contacted them and they gave me her number. We picked her up and I was happy and relieved. We went out that night and bought a cable and harness. The next day we put her in the harness and attached her with the cable to her dog house. When we got home that night, no dog. The harness was there, still latched and attached to the cable, the cable still attached to the dog house. She somehow managed to wiggle out and disappeared again.
After 9 days of searching I found her at the pound. She was locked in a kennel with 4 other dogs. She was emaciated, I hardly recognized her but she had the same white blaze on her chest and 4 white socks with black speckles. Before the pound would release her to me I had to pay $50.00 for a license. We hadn’t had a chance to get one before she ran away. I also had to pay $53.00 for pound charges. So with my wallet significantly lighter we headed for home.
Millie acted a little aloof, but I didn’t think much of it, after all we hadn’t had much time for bonding. When my husband got home that night the first thing he said was “you got another dog?” I explained, “no, I found Millie at the pound”. Well, somehow I managed to get the wrong dog from the pound, I made a boo boo. She was the right breed, age, and had all the right markings but on closer inspection her hair was a little longer as was her body. I started to cry because I’d just spent over $100.00 for the wrong dog and my husband was laughing so hard he too was crying.
We decided to keep her and she’s been the best dog. She doesn’t chew up blinds and she stays in the yard. And she’s completely stolen my heart.
So that is the story of Mille, aka Mille2 or Mille Boo Boo.

Arlene Brooks 09-14-2015 03:34 PM

Dog Lover -
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I have to confess the 'Melon Collie' picture I found on the internet - a play on words - and quite unique.

The second picture (wcip) - I was wondering if you called that one 'The Streak' hope it was something like that.

Diana - we had a black Lab while our daughter was still at home - one of the best dogs we ever had. Found her at a bridge - someone had dropped her off; skin and bones. Told my husband we'd keep her until we got her back on her feet - well, that took eleven years. Ha Ha !!

Arlene Brooks,
GRVJ, Region 1

jim putman 09-16-2015 09:36 PM

too many eds

Dogfather 09-22-2015 09:16 AM


Originally Posted by jim putman (Post 20638)
too many eds

Hey I resemble that remark! :Dogfather:

My Hunter and wheeling buddy in the beginning

2015 Now he is my proud to ride with Dad Copilot

Arlene Brooks 09-26-2015 05:24 PM

Dog Lover -
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Say Edward, that must be a good pooch - he's maintained his navigator seat and must have given both of you good directions.

I must say it's been a busy week and trying to get some shut eye before the game on Sunday - Go Hawks!!

Arlene Brooks,
GRVJ - Region 1

Dogfather 09-28-2015 10:22 PM

Thanks Arllene he's a good boy. He was Glad to see momma get her own Wheeler so he could ride with me all the time.

But he's the first to sleep on the way home

jim putman 10-04-2015 07:04 PM

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try this again

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