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Gibby 01-10-2009 10:19 AM

Elbe 12-27-08
JR Gaylor does an annual New Year's Run on the busywild.

Elbe had unusual amounts of snow this past season, even getting to the campground was quite a struggle.

Brad, AKA Yotakid, had a little incident on the way up. His trailer slide off the side of the road with the trail rig still on it. JR secured his Explorer to a tree and was unable to winch the entire package out of the ditch. That's Jaydog walking beside the UNSAFE use of a winch 8O
Brad had to unload the trail rig in order for them to get the tow rig and trailer out of the ditch.
So now the trail rig was WAY back in DEEP snow and it needed to get out.
He was moving nowhere under his own power so the winch came out quickly in order to get him back on the road.

Gibby 01-10-2009 10:19 AM

The busy had a TON of fresh snow. Here's a shot of the entrance.

Here's Brad working with his tire chains and it was STILL snowing.
Some of you may recognize Brad's last name, Hegelson. It was his father, Dave Hegelson that wrote the infamous letter to Senator Kline about the noise bill. You remember, the one where Senator Kline to ORV supporters to basically shove it and to not vote for him. :roll:

100 yards into the trail and JR has already blown a bead.

Cam was breaking trail for a while. He'd just got this rig put together right before the run. I don't know ANYONE who does that...

Now the fun begins as Yotakid's Harbor Freight winch gave up the ghost, defeated by the busywild.

Gibby 01-10-2009 10:20 AM

Jaydog had to pull cable as well.
This was still all only 150 yards into the trail!

Cam plunges into a DEEP hole.
All day long they were breaking through ice on the top of the water/mud holes.

JR had to pull some cable as well.
This is literally, BREAKING trail. Look at the chunks of ice!

Gibby 01-10-2009 10:21 AM

Ummm, Jaydog... when are you getting those bigger tires?
Yep, the winch is out again... and it REALLY looks ratty!!

The trees were heavily overloaded with snow that whenver a tree was bumped or the wind would blow, it's LOOKOUT BELOW!!!

Gibby 01-10-2009 10:22 AM

This was a much too common scene however. Let's see FIRST, Brad's winch gave out, so he had to drive a little more aggressively. I believe this was birfield explosion #1.

Brad carries a spare, so after swapping this out in the FREEZING cold weather, it was ready to roll again.

Here a tree fell over as Brad was driving by. You can see the root ball to the right of his rig.

That was the end of the pics as the camera died...

The story doesn't end there though. Brad then broke 2 more birfields, 3 in all. So try running the busywild, in the winter, in rear wheel drive only with no winch. Well, you can't!

There was a LOT of team work finding ways to get him out of the trail and a LOT of creative winching by JR and Jaydog. Dragging him with a strap was very difficult if not impossible in most situations.

He had to pull out both of the broken birfields as they locked up his front end when they broke... so much fun when you're freezing cold and wet.

Everyone did get home but it was VERY late and a very long day. Pretty much exactly what you expect when you run the busywild in the winter.

Quoting Jaydog though, "That was the must fun I've ever had wheeling!"

Dogfather 03-07-2009 07:11 AM

Hey Dale What will he do to prevent the Breakage next time and why did he brake this time too large of a tire for the shaft???

Gibby 03-07-2009 07:31 AM


Originally Posted by Dogfather (Post 2653)
Hey Dale What will he do to prevent the Breakage next time and why did he brake this time too large of a tire for the shaft???

Toyota birfields are simply not strong enough for a large tire/locked rig. If you're locked and running more than 33s on a stock Toyota front end, expect birfields to break.

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