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Region 4 minutes March 13, 2012
MARCH 13, 2012

Director Earl Nettnin (Desert Rats) called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and a moment of silence for the sick and departed was observed. No guests were present; however, we welcomed two new delegates; Sandy Millspaugh (The Hurtin’ Units) and Bruce Germain (Mountain Masters). Welcome to the group.

MINUTES: Dave McMains (The Hurtin’ Units & Sand Commandos) made a motion seconded by Randy Hayes (Sand Commandos) to accept the minutes from February 14, 2012 as printed – motion passed.

TREASURER’S REPORT: was given by Sande Nettnin (Desert Rats). At this time we have no outstanding bills. Sande said she is waiting to write the check to Pam Remley for seed money for Pick Up A Mountain. Pam will let her know when she needs the money. We voted at the January meeting to give Pam $1000 seed money for our event.

COMP: Dave Taylor (PNW4WDA Comp Chairman & Out Door 4X4’s) sent information on the Barrel Extravaganza May 5th at the Cowlitz County Fairgrounds. There will be a pit party at 10 AM and two shows one at 2 PM and the other at 7 PM. There will be no charge for being part of the show and camping is included. If you are interested in being part of this or have questions please call Dave Taylor at 360-668-0719 or cell 206-491-0909 or e-mail We hope to have this as another money maker for the PNW. Right now we have only Trail Jamboree as our big money maker and if something would happen and we couldn’t have Trail Jamboree things would not be good.

MEMBERSHIP: No change. Earl asked if everyone had their membership cards; everyone looked at him like what are you talking about. Earl said if anyone said yes, he was going to ask where they got them, since no one has them yet. Hopefully they will be out soon. Due to the problems with the new program late fees will not be charged until after March 31st, this year only.

PNW WEB SITE: Is a work in progress. When things finally are up and running well; it should be a great tool for us.

CLUB POWER/WE DID IT/QUILL POWER: Gary Harting (Desert Rats) passed out some information from Kathy Greenwood (PNW4WDA’s Club Power/We Did It/ Quill Power Chairman & Off Road Animals). Kathy wanted Gary to remind everyone that in addition to our paper work we may be required to fill out paper work for the agency we are doing a work party for so they can count the hours too. Kathy said she can no longer get the stars and brads so we need to be thinking about doing something else. If anyone has suggestions please e-mail her at Doug Conner (Roamin’ Chariots) is a member of a motorcycle club and they give out pins for events. Doug will get information together and send it to Kathy. Kathy hopes to have a packet of material sent to all the Region Club Power Chairmen by the end of this month. We should have the new paper work for the Jim Sprick clean-up.

TRAIL JAMBOREE: The biggest thing is a work party is planned for April 21st at Jim Sprick Park where we headquarter for the Trail Jamboree. A trail host meeting will also take place that day following the clean-up. Bring equipment with you to help with the clean-up like rakes, shovels, pruners, gloves, etc. HOBO Stew will be served at noon; please bring something to add to the pot no more than one cup or one can of veggies, Region 4 provides bowls, spoons, napkins, meat, rolls and butter. We also have a pot luck in the evening so bring something to share for the evening meal. Camping is free; participants that come to help at the clean-up will be eligible for free Trail Jamboree parking two days before the Jamboree starts so you can pre-run your trails and/or help out at the grounds. If you have questions contact Sid/Kelda Hagemeier at or 509-698-3703.

JUNIOR JEEPERS: Advisor Gloria Joralemon (Shindig Wheelers) did not have a report. They will have their first meeting at the Trail Jamboree clean-up. Our program seems to be doing well and other Regions are looking at it to see what we are doing. Thanks Gloria, keep up the good work.

PR: Clay Graham (Yakima Kittitas Forest Watch) is doing a great job of getting information out. If you get something from don’t delete it before you read it. It’s from Clay. If you need anything sent out, be sure and get it to him. We also have a face book account. Thanks again Clay.

Doug Conner (Roamin’ Chariots) said he has been at Juniper riding 4-wheelers almost every weekend; the road is not improved and the no trespassing signs are still up. Doug has not had any response from the BLM Ranger. Doug said he had not pursued the Peterson Road issue since the County Engineer and Assistant Engineer are still on administrative leave. Seems to be big problems in that office.

Dave McMains (The Hurtin’ Units & Sand Commandos) reported not much was going on at the Moses Lake Sand Dunes. The annual clean-up is April 28th.

TWIG REPORT: Director Earl Nettnin (Desert Rats) reported a lot of things are happening; the Travel Management Plan won’t come up for public comment until the fall of 2012 as it has to be reviewed by higher ups in the Forest Service. The Forest Revision Plan has been pushed back to the spring of 2013.
When the Travel Management Plan takes effect, it will supersede this Categorical Exclusion (CE) document. The Travel Management Plan wants solid dates for open and closed. This CE can be implemented at anytime during the year if conditions merit. The Naches spring road closure is now called “flexible” depending on weather and trail conditions. Conditions will be monitored by District Trails Managers – law enforcement officers - and user group volunteers. The decision will be signed by March 15, 2012 and evaluating will start then. This is not just for spring but the whole year. They can shut things down at will. Naches has a trail volunteer program; Pam Remley (Shindig Wheelers) will be our coordinator for Region 4. Adopt a trail program applications are out. If your club wants to adopt a trail please fill out the paper work and send it in. The PNW4WDA is going to try and adopt all 4-wheel drive trails in the Naches District that have not been adopted by a PNW club. The Forest Service is going to have a web site where we can list our volunteer hours (however, it’s not up and running yet). Discussion followed about our concerns about trail closures in the Naches district. The April 3rd and May 1st TWIG meetings will be on leadership and the next regular TWIG meeting will be June 5th at 7 PM. If you are interested chain saw certification classes will be held April 28, May 5, May 19, and June 9. You must sign up to attend, contact the Naches Ranger Station.

The Cle Elum Ranger District will keep the exact same policy as last season, which means trails will be opened as they are logged out and dry. They will rely on volunteers again and the volunteers will have permission to be on the trails early (logging out) so NOTHING is different from last season. This information was given by Mikki Douglass of the Cle Elum Ranger District.

BLM Management Plan in the Baker area in Oregon includes Virtue Flats and is a large parcel of land that we all need to write letters on asking them to keep this land open for OHV recreation. The comment period has been extended to March 23rd. It looks like it would be a great open riding area 22,074 acres; if they don’t lock it up. Letters should be sent to the Bureau of Land Management, Baker Field Office, Box 947, Baker City, Oregon 97814 or e-mail

Bald Mountain: Since this is now under the Department of Fish and Wild Life the question was asked do we need a Discover Pass to drive on the road since we have trails that we will be using at Jamboree that are accessed from that road. A lot of discussion followed and we need to get some concrete information before Trail Jamboree. Hopefully we will have this information at our next meeting.

At Winter Convention our Commissioner of Public Lands, Peter Goldmark said he was working very hard to have world class trails at Reiter. No time line as to when that will be.
The flood repair in the Naches will close the 1900 road July 15th to August 15th. They are going to do a side repair and put in a culvert at Pile Up Creek. People coming over from the West side who use Green Pass need to be aware of this so they don’t come upon a road closure.

We also had some information that the US 9th Circuit Court Ruled in AZ that the National Forest officials can’t collect fees from people who simply park, hike or picnic along roads or trails even camping in undeveloped sites. This should be free according to the court. This information came from Dave Hiatt.

The Work party at Liberty will be the same as last year. Dave McMains will head this up this year. The dates will be from May 18 – 28th. Any questions contact Dave at or 509-989-2465.

THE ORV law suit will be going to the Washington State Supreme Court this session. For additional information contact or Tod Petersen at

Time is running out to nominate your Favorite Trail for the Recreational Trails Achievement Award. The deadline is March 31, 2012. A nomination form can be found on line at Or contact the chairman of the awards committee, Duane Taylor at (703) 416-0444.

Our next meeting April 10, 2012 will be in Selah at Magic’s Pizza and we will have 2 guest speakers. One will be our WA State Executive Director for the PNW Jim Putman and Michele King the NEPA officer for the Forest Service. Because we are meeting in Selah at the Pizza place and they close at 9 PM if you would like information on what your club has been doing for the last month, please bring it in writing and we will include it with the minutes. Thanks.

Pick Up A Mountain, Pam Remley is our chairman. The dates will be September 14-16. If you would like to help please contact her at 509 658-2496 or e-mail to

Desert Rats – Gary Harting reported we had a camp out the first of this month in the Tucannon area. We are having meetings with the Richland Chamber of Commerce regarding our participation in Cool Desert Nights. We help with security for the cruise on June 22nd. We are hosting at Trail Jamboree again and will attend the clean-up at Jim Sprick Park April 21st.
Sand Commandos – Randy Hayes said they had a Geocache run March 3rd with 3 rigs. Lots of fun.
Roamin’ Chariots – Doug Conner said they have not been doing much, but are looking forward to camping in the mountains. One third or one fourth of their club attended the Moonshiners Swap meet.
Hurtin’ Units – Sandy Millspaugh said they are getting their Jeeps fixed and planning to attend the May work party at Liberty, they have another run in July and their Jack & Jill run in August. They have 4 new members and are expecting a new Hurtin’ Unit in August.
Ridgerunners - Todd Dellinger reported they had a club run February 19th to the Tampico area. On March 10th they had a Jeep Procession through Yakima to honor a member (Earl Pleasant) who passed away March 4th. They continue to have work parties at their new Jeep Bowl site.
Mountain Masters – Bruce Moses reported they have several new members. They have a run to the Moses Lake Sand Dunes March 31st. Their annual Stag run is June 22nd at Liberty.
Shindig Wheelers – Cliff Hagemeier reported they had a trail meeting and letter writing session February 26th at Remley’s. They have a run planned for March 17th and on the 18th they will meet back at Remley’s to see if they have had any response on the letters they wrote to Irene Davidson, District Ranger for the Naches. They are working on their Jeeps and some are still snowmobiling.
Peak Putters – Steve Richards reported they have been very active on the weekends. February 18th they went to Cowiche to play in the snow. February 26th a group ran some local trails outside of Benton City. March 3rd they ran up to Nasty Creek to get another dose of snow. March 10th a member held a fine BBQ for the club which included three kegs of excellent homebrew. Upcoming runs include a 4-Ball and potluck event at Juniper and the much anticipated Camp Schamp run in the Ahtanum.

Dave and Frogg McMains are looking forward to being grandparents in August.

The Door Prize was won by Todd Dellinger.
A motion was made at 9:03 PM by Dave McMains (The Hurtin’ Units and Sand Commandos) seconded by Doug Conner (Roamin’ Chariots) to adjourn – motion passed.

Respectfully Submitted,
Sande Nettnin, Secretary/Treasurer
Region 4 PNW4WDA

Next two meeting dates for Region 4 will be:
April 10, 2012 at Magic’s Pizza in Selah, WA
May 8, 2012 at Doug Conner’s Shop – Pasco, WA

Slab Clean-up March 24, 2012
Jim Sprick Park clean-up April 20 – 22, 2012
Beverly Dunes Clean-up May 5, 2012
May 5, 2012 Barrel Extravaganza

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