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Ceg_ 09-21-2009 02:58 PM

Pick Up A Mountain (September 19, 2009)
PNW4WDA Region 4 -
Pick Up A Mountain
September 19th, 2009

September 18th through the 20th of 2009, Region 4 of the PNW4WDA held an event called "Pick Up A Mountain" in the Nile area west of Naches in Jim Sprick Park.

Members of the All Wheelers Off Road Club meet up at 8 AM Saturday September 19th, 2009. Some members camped and others drove up for the day. Here is "Pick Up A Mountain" from our day at the event.

Everyone signing in with the Shindig Wheelers.

The Timber Wolves ran the raffle.

We aired down and headed up FS1701. Our first stop was at the SF1701/FS530 Camp to pick up trash. We ran into some people that were camp there which already did a good job picking up. They thought this was a great thing the wheelers were doing. We took some of the bigger pieces of trash that they had no room to haul off.

Up at the top of FS1701 we turned onto 4W694 at the trail head near Barber Springs Road.

On up the trail we stopped at a camp where last year we hauled off a lot of stuff. Again we found a lot to haul off that was left here over the year.

Monster found some carpet.

The guys found some plastic and a tarp.

Crawl Mama happy to be there.

Jarrod found a table.

Tiny found I think a cot frame.

Filling up Crawl Dad's Toy.

Moving on up the trail.

This is the second pair of panties my son "Test Dummy" removed from this trail.

Here are some of the rigs of the day.

My co-pilot "Jeepscum" walking the trail for trash.

At 4W670 we had some people pick up trash down to FS1701 and then back up.

We stopped at the Manastash Vista to pick up trash. It was raining pretty good.

The rain slowed down to a mist and the sun started coming out.

Ron Dunn AKA used the tarp we had found earlier since him and he son were getting wet.

I thought this side-by-side was going to run Jeepscum over.

Jeepscum walked a long way picking up trash.

We picked up Funny Rocks as we went through. "Phantom 309" was climbing the rocks when we got there.

Ron Dunn and son watching "Phantom 309".

We moved onto trail 4W695 and past through Moon Rocks picking up trash.

Monster going after a muffler.


Jeepscum walking Moon Rocks where we could not drive.



Hercules in the XJ.



Jerry. This Toy has great flex.

Crawl Dad trying not to loose his truck load of trash.

Regrouping to leave Moon Rocks.


The guys found a car seat nailed to a log near the 4W695 creek crossing.

My co-pilot Jeepscum.

Dropping down to FS1701 we found a lot of trash.

Regrouping at FS1701. As we pulled to the side of the road, Doug Conner and Earl Nettnin came by in a FS Pickup loaded with all kinds of stuff they picked up.

Jeepscum way off the road picking up trash.

One we were regrouped we headed on down FS1701 and then up FS530.

We turned down 4W675. We found a lot of stuff in this area.

We filled up most of the rig where we couldn't fit much more. We headed on down the 4W675 to FS1702.

We stopped down FS1702 to pick up a long smashed RV crapper hoses in the road.

My XJ's cargo area was close to full. Any more bags would have fell on the kids in the back seat.

More of the trash we picked up.

Looking in the dumpster at some of the weird stuff found.

Now back to have some Region 4 fun.

Odo crossing the finish line for the Kids Jeep Race.
I will have to bring a full size Chevy next time for the kids. LOL

The adult Jeep Race was very fun to watch.

He needs a new navigator for sure.

This was a great time thanks to all that came. It was great getting to meet some wheelers I had never met before.
A special thank you goes out to everyone that worked to make the event happen.

MtnRubi 09-26-2009 01:30 PM

Great pic's as usual Clay. Are you or did you sned them to Tri-Power?
THANKS to you too for working hard as usual too! Wish you coulda stuck around a bit longer.

Ceg_ 09-28-2009 08:30 AM


Originally Posted by MtnRubi (Post 7606)
Great pic's as usual Clay. Are you or did you sned them to Tri-Power?
THANKS to you too for working hard as usual too! Wish you coulda stuck around a bit longer.

Yes. I sent Tri-power a shorter copy.

Sorry I couldn't stay longer.

Duck Dodgers 09-29-2009 07:45 AM

Great job ya'll. I am always amazed at the crap people drag up into the woods and leave there. Ya just gotta wonder.... Thanks for the work you did for sure.:thumbup:

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