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warrpath4x4 11-04-2009 07:29 PM

project whatever you wanna call it
timeline will be off since im cutting and pasting from another forum

1987 pioneer, 4.0L, 5speed. 231 tcase, 30/35 with 3.07 gears. right now im doing a brake job on it while waiting on parts for my powerwagon.

the ad said new tires, new clutch, new water pump, and new brake master cylinder. I paid all of $500 for it lol.

as soon as i had insurance and titled it in my name, the next thing i did was pick up my OHV sticker

still has the original owners manual too

this morning i ordered a rustys budget spacer and shackle lift. it will give me about 2 inches of lift, im just going to run the tires on it for now. also ordered a plasma cutter and will be making frame stiffeners, swing out tire carrier, rock sliders, front bumper, and maybe a roof rack.

warrpath4x4 11-04-2009 07:32 PM

a tree fell in my yard this weekend in a wind storm so i cut it up and had to get it up to the shop so i made the jeep work lol

tonight i started to rip up the carpet and to my suprise it wasnt as bad as i expected.

here is the before pic

the worse rust spot after i hit it with the flapper wheel

first coat

second coat

today is definately turning into spring, after getting each coat done, it started to sprinkle rain lol. then it would stop and the sun would come back out. i have to wait till tomorrow to get the seats and stuff back in, it has to cure for 24 hrs, bit dont worry ill post dome pics when its back together.

warrpath4x4 11-04-2009 07:34 PM

today we (my dad and I) put the seats and most of the interior back in, im waiting to put the plastic back into the back of the jeep.

warrpath4x4 11-04-2009 07:35 PM

ok so the other day i started to take the front bumper off to build a winch bumper, nothing special just something to hold the winch. basicly all i got done was taking the bumper off and cutting the fangs, and i cut some of the material for the new one.

i had today off so i was hoping to get all/most of it done BUT as i wa making a cardboard template for my bumper mount i noticed something on the side of my radiator. it looks like there was a hole in the side of it and they stuck a good sized bolt into it and then tried JB weld. i touched it and it started leaking SO now i have a new radiator on order. >:( not happy.

after that i didnt even feel like working on it anymore but i made myself do it anyways and got one of the mounts cut out.

this shows how much further the mount will go back on the "frame" than the stock one. the driver side will incorporate the steering box bolts and i will add more on the passenger side also.

here is the center section of the bumper (not finished)

warrpath4x4 11-04-2009 07:36 PM

ok so this was what they had JB welded into the radiator

i got the new radiator in and of course with it being a closed cooling system it is fun to get the air out so i decided i was going to make it easier and installed a 92 thermostat housing and put a drain in, also drilling a small hole in the top of the thermostat flange itself to help get air out.

warrpath4x4 11-04-2009 07:37 PM

ok i got the passenger side bracket cut out today, also cut out the center section for my winch fairlead to mount to, bent it up and welded it on. looks like i might need to cut a little higher for the cable to come through.

my buddy had a bracket that fit on the fairlead that held his license plate and it would flip up or down depending on how it was mounted. well if it was flipped up you can see the winch cable spooling, and if its down and you winch upto something it will rip it off. so i am working on a bracket to flip the license plate out sideways.

warrpath4x4 11-04-2009 07:40 PM

ok, ran into some trouble getting the holes lined up for the bumper mount till i thought of this. tape some paper to the frame and use a crayon or color pencil to shade the holes.

got the holes drilled

changed the battery cable terminals to a marine style (still need to nix the speaker wire lol)

dad putting the grill back in, we put it in upside down so we didnt have to cut it to fit, did have to trim the trim ring though.

all installed

the mounts tie into the steering box bolts

warrpath4x4 11-04-2009 07:41 PM

went hunting yesterday, or atleast we tried but the sbow was still a little too deep, at least for my little jeep.

me pulling cable

dad running the controls

first we tried to winch through because we could see dry dirt in front of us but it was too deep in between and i was smoking my clutch and killing my battery (even with the slave solenoid, need to work on that one) so we dug out under and behind since we had made a trail by now. took us 2 hours from stuck to unstuck. had a suburban drive by stop and look at us digging and just take off, i so wish i had seen them stuck later.

warrpath4x4 11-04-2009 07:42 PM

yesterday and today i started on my swing out rear bumper, and i trimmed the fenders.

this is how far the mounts stick into the "frame"

i love my plasma cutter lol

looks good to me

heres the base to my swing out carrier

looks like it sticks out far but after i get the swing out on it, the jerry can, spare tire, and hi lift, it should take up some of the space.

instead of pulling the flare i just ran my air nibbler around the outside of the flare and its good.

warrpath4x4 11-04-2009 07:44 PM

got a little done today

testing how high to mount it, i will be going up in tire size but not huge.

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