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Art Waugh 11-20-2009 11:59 AM

Ochoco Divide OHV
This area is east of Prineville, southeast of Hwy 26 and south of Mitchell. They have just released the scoping documents and maps with a 30 day comment period (until Dec 20/21st).

Class II is looking at a 48 mile system (28 miles of existing open road, and 20 miles of closed/decommissioned roads and new construction)

You can see the proposal on the USFS Ochoco National Forest website.

brown_eye81 11-20-2009 03:48 PM

I live real close and just seen this in the paper. it sounds great and their putting in trails just for jeeps and larger style vehicals.

Art Waugh 11-20-2009 04:14 PM

Motorcycle trails will be for bikes only (24" width), ATV trails will be for ATV and bike (50" width), 4x4 trails will be for all three (80" max width), and non-motorized use will still be allowed on all of them. But it is a start in the area.

jim putman 11-20-2009 05:11 PM

Peppermint Patti 11-21-2009 06:42 AM

The official name of this system will be the Ochoco Summit OHV system as it is located on the Ochoco NF near Big Summit Prairie. It may be a start in the area, but it is a pathetic start. The trails committee here is reviewing the scoping documents. We were also members of the forest service travel management working group who develop the initial plan, so we are comparing the proposed action to those initial ideas. As the proposed action stands right now, the Class II trails are predominately shared use roads. The trail heads and staging areas are a great deal of distance from town and there are no Class II trails connecting to the highway on the west side. We will have to travel about 10-15 miles on shared use roads to reach our "designated" shared use road "trails". Pathetic. The committee will post specific talking points next week.

high desert 4x4 11-25-2009 09:56 AM

Once again they will only put in trails for Class II if you write in support of these trails or they will never happen other than flat, dusty Level three roads. without your written comments there will be no trails in this area. Please write in support of Class II trails. Randy Drake

Peppermint Patti 12-03-2009 09:06 AM

Once again, the Forest Service is proposing to buy trails sign and post them on roads. Please write an email to the following address before December 21 demanding actual trails rather than open roads.

Here are our comments:

The Ochoco Summit OHV Trail System as proposed in the Scoping Document does not adequately address the needs of the Class II 4x4 OHV community. According to the Scoping Document, there will be 48 miles of Class II "network". This "network" consists of 28 miles of open roads, 8 miles of existing closed roads and only 12 miles of new trail.

The Scoping Document states on page 5 of 15:

"The intent of providing trails for OHVs is to provide routes with sufficient technical difficulty, diversity of experience and interesting features to keep the riders interested, challenged and engaged with staying on the designated route. The intent of providing mixed use roads is to provide riders with access to a variety of locations on the forest..."

Mixed use roads are just that - ROADS - and cannot be classified as "trails" for the Class II community. These 28 miles of "Class II network" will be suitable for a truck towing a trailer to easily navigate. THAT IS NOT A TRAIL!!! The 8 miles of existing closed roads are just a continuation of this illogical and irresponsible thinking. These closed roads have been bladed and do not offer sufficient technical difficulty. This leaves only 12 miles of sporadically place "trail" within the system.

This proposed system will do nothing to encourage 4x4 users to remain on the trail. If the Forest Service wants to provide trails, then build trails. But do not take open forest roads, post a trail sign, and call it good.

We strongly urge the Ochoco National Forest to meet the needs of the OHV community.

Patti Pyland
Deschutes County 4-Wheelers

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