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warrpath4x4 03-14-2010 03:35 PM

1st annual pacific northwest mud fest (now with pics)
April 10th at the Columbia Motor Speedway in Hermiston, OR

$8 for tickets in advance or $10 at the gates. tickets can be purchased at the Hermiston Nickel ad office, Kennewick, Wa ranch and home, or online at

there will be 5 classes of trucks and over $3500 in purse money. $40 to enter one truck, $80 to enter two trucks, and $120 to enter three trucks.

warrpath4x4 03-17-2010 11:56 PM

new information on the event as follows

Here is the official release of the Mud Fest classes. Columbia Motor SpeedWay reserves the right to deny entry to any participant that Tech determines their vehicle is unsafe. No alcohol will be allowed in the pit area. No outside food or drink at this event at all!!!

YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THE INAUGURAL MUD FEST "MudMania" on April 10th 2010. Held at Columbia Motor Speedway in Hermiston Oregon. Over $3500.00 in cash prizes will be awarded.<

Pits and Grandstands open at 11:00 a.m. Racing at 1:00 p.m.
Truck Registation is just $40.00 in advance or $45.00 on race day. All crew and spectators pay $8.00 in advance or $10.00 at the gate on race day.

There will be (2) 100' long mud bog pits. There will also be a "impassible pit" competition and Tug-a-wars that you can enter for a additional $15.00 each on race day.

CMS is setting up the structure to run timed runs through the pits. Each truck will get 4 passes in this structure. CMS RESERVES THE RIGHT TO MODIFY THE FORMAT TO A DOUBLE ELIMINATION STRUCTURE based on truck count.

All entrants will be split into 1 of the following 11 classes. Trucks will not be allowed to jump into higher classes. The class you are assigned at check in is where you will run all day.

Stock 4 Cylinder 4x4: No more than 2 hp mods and 33" DOT tire maximum

Modified 4 Cylinder 4x4: 3 hp mods, up to 38.5 DOT tires

Stock 6 cylinder 4x4: no more than 2 hp mods and 33" DOT tire maximum

Modified 6 cylinder: 3 hp mods , up to 38.5" DOT tires.

Stock 8 cylinder 4x4: no more than 2 hp mods and 33" DOT tire maximum

Modified 8 cylinder: 3 hp mods , up to 38.5" DOT tires.

Pro Modified: DOT tires 39.5 and taller, suspension mods, motor swaps

Extreme Modified: Cut tires, custom suspension, extreme engine mods and or relocated engine(modified firewall)

Open Class: Paddles, nitrous, tube frame, "Run what ya Brung" class.

Stock Diesel: No Mods. Any tire size allowed.

Modified Diesel: Any chipped, piped propane injected, Aftermarket turbos etc...
cut and pasted from there forums any screw ups is there fault not mine

warrpath4x4 04-11-2010 06:51 PM

yesterday was the mudfest, they are planning on doing another one later this year, hopefully they fix a few "issues". for the most part it was pretty good, my neighbor took 1st place in the stock 6cylinder class and another friend took 2nd in the modified 8 cylinder class. they had more rigs than they expected to, the night before they had only had 18 rigs pre-register, they ended up with over 100 rigs. heres some pics

this guy came in on rockwells

this was a monster truck that some one brought out, he ran over some cars, went through the mud, and even ramped off the cars

this was the most stock rig out there and driven by a woman, she shocked everyone by making it through the pits twice when other rigs got stuck just before her.

gunrunner 04-11-2010 07:11 PM

I was in the stands where it was cold and windy, the event started an hour and a half late, there were 3 toilets for 1000 plus spectators, the concessions were completely overwhelmed and stock rigs made it through the pit with little trouble. The monster truck scored 5 out of 30 points. It was a first, but for me it was a last. This event was completely swamped in it's own success.
Gunrunner, HCHDW

warrpath4x4 04-11-2010 10:24 PM

yah there were some issues that we all hope they fix for the next go round, there were issues on the racers side also.

since i cant seem to figure out how embed videos heres a link to them

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