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Grumpy 03-27-2010 09:26 PM

Peak Putters/ORV Trail Watch "March For Respect"
Here's our day at John Dam Plaza supporting the Arc Of Tri Cities "March For Respect". Susan and I arrived just after 11, and most of the gang was already there. Seems like our guys got in and took over getting popups ready. I hadn't hardly stopped and they had Jose's out of my truck and were getting it up! Go Putters! The crew made one great impression on the Arc staff. Donna was thrilled with all the help!! We have already been invited back for next year! My very personal thanks to all of you for coming out. I'm proud to be part of groups like the Putters and ORVTW!!

The roll call for the day:
Dave & Sue (Grumpy)
Lee, Chris, and The Jeeper Chicks (iaccocca)
Curtis & Brian R (Brian is an Arc volunteer. Way cool!) (oddball)
Steve R (Sceaming Toylet)
Dave C (TJDave)
Rob L (Lud)
Jose, Sveta, Izzy, and Mom (Roman)
Ryan & Danielle M (White Trash & Peanut)
Danny & Ria (Reco Very & Reco's Gurl)

(Kerry from Arc wanted to see what it was like to play with the cool kids, so she parked her Jeep with us. She needs some inducement to get going on that critter)

The preliminary questimate for the days attendance was right at 600 people!! Pretty much a success, I'd say!!

The Rigs of the Day 1
The Rigs of the Day 2
From the other side of Knight St.
Rear view of the line
TJD and his new shirt
Captain Cape
Camera dueling with Michelle Homewood
March t-shirt sales table. Got me one.
Peak Putter and Trail Watch banner on G-Way.
Another view
The crowd starting to gather.
Another line up shot after Oddball showed up.
Senator Delvin (6th from left) joined us for a bit.
Another shot of the group
With the banners
Another shot
A little field repair on the banners. Note: Always use the right tool for the job.
More of the crowd.
Donna Tracy, the Arc's Program Director
More of the group
Judy Westsik, our Boss.
Bernice Lesser and her gang.
Greg Berg from the ARC BOD, a very cool guy
Kerry, our wannabe Jeeper chick.
Renee Wolf and Carol Hall. Carol is part of our Goodwill crew.
Heidi Channel, another Goodwill Kid.
Sandy Schut, one of my absolute favorites.
Amanda, in the dark shirt, runs our house programs.
The PP guys finishing up their walk in the park.
Susan with Izzy
Lee's new ride
Lookin' good!
What more could you ask? A big old red Ford with a PP sticker on it.
My buddy Greg Sheer
Senator Delvin and his crew finishing the walk.
Donna looking good after a lot of work putting this event together. Good on ya, kid!
This was cool! Hung the flag out over G-Way.

jim putman 03-27-2010 10:20 PM

Great job :clap::clap:

POWWAG 03-27-2010 10:39 PM

Very good job!

dexter 03-29-2010 01:15 PM

A great day for your club.... :bounce::bounce:

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