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jim putman 06-09-2010 03:27 PM

width restrictions
Just a reminder that we will be discussing the width issues at Evans creek at the June region meeting. Need to know how wide your rig is (outside of tire to outside of tire) wheelbase and tire size. We will be coming to a consensus on what to present as a recommendation to the FS.

Gibby 06-10-2010 09:53 AM

I was thinking about the old hub to hub measurement. I suppose that they may have been thinking about hard surfaces that cannot not slide or fold around objects. A thought that outside of WHEEL might be a more standardized way of measuring that makes tire pressure irrelevant to try to standardize things, if that's the route that we have to go.

I am 82" outside tire with my IROKs, 80" with the Krawlers.
The IROKs are 39.5x13.50 and the Krawlers are 39x13.
Wheelbase is 106.5"

outhouseoffroad 06-15-2010 10:28 AM

My club would like to attend the next Forest Service meeting. I was talking to Dean Detweiler at length about the possible restrictions they're considering putting into place, and he suggested we show up.

Where and when is it going to be?


jim putman 06-15-2010 11:39 AM

Second tuesday of july is the next schedualed meeting. (7/13/10) Its held at the DNR office at the corner of Farman rd and hwy 410. Please keep in mind that this rule is already on the books (has been since the park was created) Also keep in mind that there has been no statement from the FS that any chages in the status quo are going to change. This entire topic was brought up at the May meeting bya user (member) and we have been discussing it simply to have a more proactive stance (instead of reactive). The room where we have these meetings is small (25) people or so so entire clubs showing up may not work to well. And again this is only at the discussion stage.

outhouseoffroad 06-15-2010 12:03 PM

Ahh dang it, Dean mentioned it was the THIRD Thursday, so we were thinking of coming---we already missed it. Our club isn't very big as far as number of people, but if space is limited, one or two of us can come.
We all have Jeeps, with a couple of token yotas and zuk's, but I'm the widest one, I have a full-width dana 60 and 44. There's only one spot at Evans that gives me greif on the 198, and then another on the Sunrise at Elbe. I haven't measured, but I am wider than a standard jeep running dana 30/35.
Dean is building me a high pinion dana 60 front end to go with my 60 rear and already going to narrow it. I was planning on getting the rear narrowed up also, but if there's a restriction that's going to be imposed, I'd definitely want to know what that measurement is so I can narrow it up enough.
I also heard they may impose a tire height restriction (which doesn't make sense to me). Any truth to that?

My club is a bunch of 40+somethings, very responsible wheeling, and very environmentally conscious. Not a bunch of kids out to tear up the trails. We would love to have input and/or be a part of any kind of regulations that may be imposed. Keep me informed, thanx!

jim putman 06-15-2010 12:38 PM

Its in July you havent missed it yet. The PNW4WDA region 2 meeting is on the third thursday of each month at the 4 wheel parts store in tacoma. Your more than welcome to come to our meeting as well (consider joining the PNW4WDA) We are also discussing tire hight (size) but again only trying to be proactive in case the issue comes up. And yes haveing one or two members at the FS meetings is the way to go.

Dogfather 06-15-2010 05:09 PM

yeah What he said If you guys are a bunch of 40 something Law abidinf Land Lovers that Love to wheel in our Designated Wheeling areas then by all meansd jump on the Ship we can use some more good hands to help us fight a good fight against the never ending battle from the anti access groups.

We all have to Unite on the same front to have enough power.. If we can all work together and Educate the younger (and older) Wheelers out there doing their own thing then we might stop hearing so much about the Four wheelers that tore up the meadow.....

Your welcome to come to our Meeting at Four wheel parts on South Tacoma Way the meeting Starts at 7:30 If you have any Questions feel free to give me a call 360-878-1677

Region Director

wcjp 06-15-2010 11:19 PM

I'm 74" wide, 35" tires.

Merrick Graves 06-16-2010 05:58 PM

My widest trail rig of the 3 is 72" with 33" tires. My widest work rig of the two is 75" with 33" tires. Seems these days I spend more time on the trail in the work rig.

Gibby 06-17-2010 01:06 PM

I have a suggestion that could be brought up as an alternative.

Form a committee from the 4x4 users at the Evan's Creek Focus group meetings (that way PNW4WDA members and non-members can have input) to create a set of ratings and recommendations for the invididual trails, that can be put on signs and maps. The recommendations can include difficulty levels, tire sizes (maximums or minimums), width, wheel base, availability of lockers and winches etc.

Similar to what was done at Elbe. For example, Rainier Vista has a recommendation of 36" tires or larger, dual lockers and a winch. Sunrise has a recommendation of 31-33" tires and a single TAD.

At Evan's the 198 could have a recommendation of (for example only) 78" wide, SWB, 35" tire minimum and dual lockers, rated difficult. The 519 could say Offroad tires recommended, rated easy.

You get my point that proper signage and documentation made readily available to those who do and do not take advantage of the internet can help to prevent unnecessary damage.

We've been over and over the fact that tire size alone does not cause damage, it's the driver. Larger tires only have the potential to cause more damage. It's also well known that most bypasses are caused by vehicles (including quads) that end up in places where they don't belong, or up against obstacles that they cannot handle. Keep the right people on the right trails and we have fewer problems.

This is an alternate approach to providing the USFS with tire size limits or width limits for the park and to me (whatever that's worth to you) this is a better alternative for everyone.

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