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NButtz 09-21-2010 03:15 AM

1967 Jeepster Build!
Here is my C101 that I have had for about a year now. Bought this from my grandpa.

When I first bought it...

The Motor that will be powering it

The wheels and tires

Finally got it off the trailer and into the garage so I can start working on it. I spent the day cleaning it out and putting the extra parts in storage.

Also the hardtop I got for free, finally took some pictures of it.

NButtz 09-21-2010 03:19 AM

Got bored one day after work so I decided to paint the motor, just stock color but freshened up.

Put the 35s on...

Sanding down the firewall and body panels

Rollcage is in, built by my great uncle!

Next to the daily

NButtz 09-21-2010 03:24 AM

Motor going in...

Tight squeeze!

My dad and I decided that we would cut part of the crossmember out and make it skinnier.

Cut out now, time to clean it up and weld it back together.

Decided we needed more room so we cut part of the firewall out to make more room.

Began painting...

OD Green!

NButtz 09-21-2010 03:29 AM

Finally got it outside earlier this year since it was a nice day and painted the rest of the body. Set the Corbeau Seats in it too, they will need to be lifted up as I can't see over the steering wheel, haha.

89jeepguy 09-21-2010 07:53 AM

dude thats awesome I built a j300 pickup in that fashion a number of years ago. but seriosly whats the build plan for suspension and clearence on those 35s. its coming along great so far.:cool:

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