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Ceg_ 10-06-2010 08:41 PM

Volunteers make a difference
Last night at the Naches Ranger District T.W.I.G. meeting the Yakima/Kittitas ORV Trail Watch Association, the Shindig Wheelers, Region 4, All Wheelers and and many other groups received a Certificate Of Appreciation. It was great seeing there is a lot of volunteers efforts to keep places open.

I want to say, "Thank you to all the volunteers that are out there helping keep our public lands open".

jim putman 10-06-2010 10:13 PM

It was great to see the FS recognizing all of the volunteers that work so hard to make our forests a great place to visit. On the other hand I came away somewhat disappointed.

Copper City. It sounds like we have the funding to complete some more work on the trail. However we will be lucky at best if we are able to get back on the ground until fall of next year and maybe not until 2012. This has been a decade long process that I would like to see finished before I die.:luke:

Seasonal closures. It sounds like the Naches district is going to keep the 4x4 trails closed until after Memorial day next year due to the damage caused by people that just don't care what they do to the trails.

Rimrock, The closed off area will remain closed for the rest of the year and wont be reopened until spring of 2011.

All of these "issues" have there valid reasons for happening but it seems every year its just more and more things we "cant" do and it gets really frustrating :dog:

Ceg_ 10-06-2010 10:24 PM

Jim, I hear your frustration. Not much we can do but show up and speak our minds how we feel.

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