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warrpath4x4 11-27-2010 06:53 PM

my 97 XJ
not sure that this can really be a "build" thread because this rig is pretty well built to start with, but i am making a few changes to it. starting out with a 97 cherokee sport with a 4.0 and AX15, dana 30 front with 4.56 gears and a locker, the rear axle was swapped out with a dana 35 4.56 detroit and a super 35 kit, bumpers, upgraded steering, 7" lift, yadda yadda yadda.

heres how it looked when i picked it up

heres what ive done so far

threw one of my winches on it (i respooled it after the pic)

pulled the interior rear panel and mounted a power inverter

my cheap on board air, picked up a 2 gallon tank and compressor from work for about $7

im going to build a cover for it and run the air chuck out of the cover along with a 3 outlet plug for 110

after riding with kevin at virtue i liked his mesh cargo net he has above his rear seat, well i run around with my rear seat down to much so here is what i came up with using scrap from the shop.

cut a eye bolt to use as a hook and a bungy cord to keep it from moving around

so far i have my first aid kit, folding hand saw, and flashlight mounted up there. im going to make another one for the other side.

i was having some bad vibrations in the front axle, while a small vibe from 45-50 or 55 was normal with the jeep this was worse and anywhere from 30-60. figured the jeep ate another hub assembly since its been known to happen (looking for another axle housing to build), jacked the front up and the hubs were still in good shape but the caliper on the passenger side only had one bolt holding it on, apprently the other one had backed out. ran to town and got 2 new caliper bolts and im back to my 45-50mph vibe.

i also got one of my 4 rock rings cut out, but ill post those when im done since i might be redoing this one.

warrpath4x4 12-11-2010 04:41 PM

ive been working on this for a while in my spare time, building rock rings.

started out with a piece of backing board and made a template

test fitting the template and did some trimming and made the one hole bigger where the valve stem is

rough cut

cleaned it up and beveled the edges

cleaned the edge of the wheel

heres a test weld after tacking

welded in

cleaned up and painted

now i just have to do 3 more and install my inner airlocks, then wrap the 35's around them. dont worry i am going to replace the valve stem.

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