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jim putman 04-09-2011 12:36 PM

Evans creek 4/8/11
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Well we went to Evans instead of Tahuya for the break in run. Made it to withen about 1 mile of the campground before having to unload since the tow rigs were getting stuck on the snow and Ice. There is about 18" of snow in the first parking lot. We went up the 311 and got most of the way to the rocky area and were stopped by a large tree across the trail (20" or so) we didnt have a saw since we were going to Tahuya So we managed to get turned around and headed back down. Got to the entry and decided to head for the campground got to bust a fresh path through the new snow. It was a 3000 rpm 3rd gear run and was going great until my rig overheated and blew the lower radiator hose off. At this point (about 1/2 way to the campground) I was pushing snow up to the headlights and there was no way to stay on top of it. We had lunch fixed the hose and headed out. Stopped to wash down the rigs and then dropped the jeeps off at the fairgrounds for the 4 wheel parts show.
Rig did very well except for the hose issue. I will need to shorten the front driveline about a inch or so so the splines dont bottom out though and figure out a way to get some longer shocks on the rear. Otherwise I am very happy with it The heated seats were great

Road to the campground
Couple of videos.

Lee on the 311

Pokey on the 311

HIGHHOOD 04-10-2011 09:57 AM

Thanks for posting Jim.I wish I was able to go, mabe next time.

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