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TJ Jeep 04-18-2011 04:17 PM

Naches Trail Closures - Discussion
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Please pass the word!

A trail closure order was signed on the 14th! What is that I asked.. well order no 733 from the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, it states that it is prohibiting the use of any motorized vehicle on any National Forest System trail or route on the Naches Ranger District list.. I will see if I can post that list.. yes folks from April 15- June 15th, unless posted open.. the trails are closed!

The purpose of this order is to prevent erosion, protect soils, vegetation and water quality.

Here is my 2 cents....... year after year we go to Naches before Jamboree.. intent to pre-run trails and find out current conditions.. with the increased traffic this time of year on the roads and snow pack.. the trails take a beating. They are tired of fixing them.. you know what guys.. so are others.. if we are spinning our tires we are ..... guess what eroding the trail.. there is no shame in using a winch.. I know.. I am opening myself up to lots of comments and some will not be popular.. but guys.. face it.. we all need to be better stewards of what we have if we intend to keep it open!!!!!!!!!

we all have to work together to create and maintain what we have or more of this will happen.. it take money to fix the damage that is happening.. you have read the papers.. you all know the facts.. we need to work with the agencies not against them.. We ..... and I do mean we all need to work together... not fight over tire size, wheel base or type of rigs.. we all want the same things.. a place to go play.. with all the newer styles of rigs maybe we need to take the time and work with the agencies and ask them what can we do so that WE ALL have a place????

No great answers.. but fact is the closure is real and the fines will hurt.

I welcome discussion.......... Not yelling or name calling but good old fashion lets talk about it. Remember I am new.. and I am learning but beat me up to bad my feelings will get hurt. I am only sharing my 2 cents.. I have no way of changing what has happened, no way of twitching my nose and making this go away.. but we do need to be proactive and work on getting this resolved for years to come so that we will have places to play!


JeepNirvana 04-18-2011 04:23 PM

Hey, I have a six cylinder so what would I know about wheel spinning.
But I agree with you, this is all part of learning and there is no shame in winching.
Certainly the more responsible we are the more we can protect these lands for the future.
Thanks for posting up so we can talk about this.


Nichol 04-18-2011 04:52 PM

Thanks Dorothy....I would hope this would be a great discussion.
It's interesting to me that "we" volunteer so many man hours in maintaining the trails and are now somewhat "shut out" of them. I realize this closure is not a hard closure, it could open if the trails dry up.

TJ Jeep 04-18-2011 08:17 PM

:thumbup:That is correct.. so do the sun dance and hope for drier weather!!

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