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just duckie 12-27-2011 05:26 PM

Closed for winter!!!
From Brent:
To all of our friends
I received a call this morning from the folks at McKenzie Bridge. They are the ones that are resposible for the Santiam Pass/ Hoodoo area snowmobile trails and OHV trails. They informed me that there were 8 or so 4X4's, (Jeeps ETC.) up on the snowmobile trails at Santiam this past weekend. Supposedly this was a club event of some sort.
Just to let you all know, the Santiam Pass/Hoodoo area is closed to OHV's in the winter.
Honestly, I am assuming that all of you that recieves this letter are well enough informed that none of you were among the guilty. If you know of anyone that may have taken part in this outing, will you please let them know that this sort of behavior cast a bad light on all of the OHV community. I do think there is a need to get some signs posted to inform people that inadvertently go up there thinking that it is ok to ride, that it is not OK. Still a little common sense should suggest that a 4X4 on a groomed snowmobile trail is not going to be looked upon favorably.Thank you all for supporting all of our/your riding areas. Please help us to keep them open by helping us watch over them.
Best regards

Brent Jenkins
Bend Fort Rock Ranger District
Combined Off Highway Vehicle Operations
Education and Enforcement
Deschutes N.F., Ochoco N.F. Prineville BLM
(541)383-4773 office
(971)235-4951 cell

Art Waugh 12-28-2011 11:50 AM

Wonder if it might be the same bunch of a half dozen exo-cage toys and one sammi that were up there in August and pruned out that 4 foot cube of rock and left it in the middle of Quack at the ledge just off the end of the road up the back of Hoo Doo. Would not surprise me a bit. Did not see any decals or logos on those at that time.

I agree, signage would be appropriate at the entry points and kiosks. Hefty tickets are in order as well.

just duckie 12-28-2011 08:04 PM

The agency was able to get some information but I am not privy to their findings. Just a sad case that folks would run groomed snow mobile trails.

Merrick Graves 03-22-2012 08:35 PM


Originally Posted by just duckie (Post 18000)
The agency was able to get some information but I am not privy to their findings. Just a sad case that folks would run groomed snow mobile trails.

When does your Grooming Program end for the season? Depending on funding ours ends more of less Mar 31/ April 1st

just duckie 03-22-2012 09:14 PM


Ours for most part also although we try to let the snow mobilers have as much of the snow areas as they like in winters like this where snow was late coming.

The Santiam Pass Summer Motorized Area specifically Quack Attack and Road 210 are closed though until the snow is all gone.


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