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PistonsChick 12-29-2011 05:26 PM

Illegal Wheeling in Capital Forest
More illegal wheeling in Capital Forest is not good, but it's nice to see a positive nod from the DNR to the PNW4WDA with a link to the site.


Dogfather 12-31-2011 11:13 AM

Thank you Christal for looking and finding this...

We Get to celibrate again for doing a great Job. Thanks folks for what you have done in this comunity again.

here is a copy past from the add..


Originally Posted by ear to the ground (DNR)
Illegal off-roading accident will cost driver plenty

This single-vehicle rollover accident yesterday (December 28) in Capitol State Forest could have been a lot worse — the two occupants (a man and a woman) and their dog were able to escape the vehicle without injuries shortly before it burst into flames.

File this incident under “completely preventable.” The driver was illegally four-wheeling in an area not approved for off-road use. To get to this area, the driver used a closed logging road, which meant going around a blockade of tree stumps and an earthen berm in addition to a sign that said it was closed.

Illegal off roading brings an $87 citation under the Washington Administrative Code. There’s the towing fee — $200 or more — that the driver will owe to remove the totaled vehicle from this remote site. And then there’s the cost of the vehicle itself, which burned completely.

No word yet on whether the driver will also owe DNR for damages to natural resources or the cost of the Department of Ecology crew that came out to make sure leaking oil and fuel did not get into a nearby stream.

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Read the code of behavior from the Pacific Northwest Four Wheel Drive Association

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