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jim putman 01-29-2012 11:55 AM

Went to Oly and testified on HB2153 on Thursday. This bill mirrors SB5977 and is expected to pass. This would allow 2 lic numbers on your discovery pass. Current holders will be able to write in a second license number on your current pass. We discussed a bill HB2217 that would allow all of the vehicles registered to your address to be covered. This probably wont go anywhere this year but we will continue working on this for next year. I also suggested that the purchaser of the pass be allowed to decide how the funds are split. (i.e.. 80% to DNR instead of parks ) the committee seemed open to this idea. Several groups were present to support 2153 including PNW4WDA, WSSA, Wa. state parks, WTA, Hunters heritage council.

jim putman 01-31-2012 06:58 PM

This was the hearing on Thursday. My testimony is at about 46 min.

jim putman 03-01-2012 03:23 PM

Is everyone OK with HB 2373 as currently written (see key points from House bill report).

It痴 on the Senate floor, eligible for a vote.

Are there any other key bills we all should be weighing in on?

5pm Friday is the cut-off to pass out of the opposite chamber.

Best regards, Terry

Terry Kohl | 206.850.6030 |

HB 2373 - 2011-12 Concerning the state's management of its recreational resources.

Sponsors: Representatives Van De Wege, Tharinger

Brief Summary of Engrossed Second Substitute Bill

Includes all land and land types managed by the Washington State

Department of Natural Resources (DNR), other than aquatic lands, for which

a Discover Pass or day-use permit is required.

Exempts possessor of a daily Sno-Park permit from requiring a Discover Pass

or day-use permit at designated Sno-Parks.

Modifies the validity of the Discover Pass to begin when the pass has been

marked for activation.

Allows for the single purchase of a Discover Pass or Vehicle Access Pass to

be valid for two license plate numbers.

Limits any transaction and dealer fee that causes the price of the Discover

Pass or day-use permit to exceed the price in statute to be assessed only for

those purchased through the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's

(WDFW) automated licensing system.

Allows for the Discover Pass and day-use permit to be obtained by retailers.

Expands the options of where a Discover Pass and day-use permit can be

purchased and authorizes the Washington State Parks and Recreation

Commission (State Parks) to utilize unstaffed collection stations.

Redistributes local sales and use tax revenues assessed at the State Parks from

local jurisdictions to a dedicated account within the State Parks.

Provides a complimentary Discover Pass to eligible disabled Washington


Requires free access days at state parks and suggests they be timed with

National Park Service free days.

Codifies that the DNR, the WDFW, and the State Parks must designate free

15-minute short-term parking.

Adds exemptions for certain circumstances from requiring the Discover Pass

or day-use permit.

Adds to the types of vehicles for which the owners are given the opportunity

to donate to state parks upon vehicle registration.

Creates a $10 state parks support fee on recreational vehicle registrations until

July 1, 2015, for deposit into the Parks Renewal and Stewardship Account,

with funds directed towards the operation and maintenance at the State Parks

that accommodate recreational vehicles.

Creates an up to $50 Family Discover Pass that is transferable among any


Allows tsunami cleanup to count as volunteer hours towards a free Discover


Requires the agencies to develop proposals for finding consistent state

recreational policies where inconsistencies exist and to report findings to the



This analysis was prepared by non-partisan legislative staff for the us

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