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Region 4 minutes February 14, 2012
FEBRUARY 14, 2012

Director Earl Nettnin (Desert Rats) called the meeting to order at 7:35 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and a moment of silence for the sick and departed was observed. No guests were present. We had two new delegates one from the Yakima Ridgerunners (Todd Dillinger) and one from the Peak Putters (Lee Retterer) welcome aboard.

MINUTES: Gary Harting (Desert Rats) made a motion seconded by Cliff Hagemeier (Shindig Wheelers) to accept the January 10, 2012 minutes as printed; motion passed.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Was given by Secretary/Treasurer Sande Nettnin (Desert Rats). Sande passed out a corrected Treasurer’s report from the January meeting. The new report shows the electronic transfer from Region 4 to Trail Jamboree; this was left off the previous one. Sande said we have no outstanding bills, however she has not yet written the check to Pam Remley for seed money for Pick Up A Mountain but probably would very soon. Last year we also voted to purchase the Competition t-shirts and we just found out that they decided to use the shirts from 2010. A motion was made by Josh Wesselius (Yakima Ridgerunners) seconded by Gary Harting (Desert Rats) that we renew our membership at the $100 level to Blue Ribbon; motion passed.

COMP: The Competition Committee Chairman for the PNW Dave Taylor (Outdoor 4X4’s) reported at Winter Convention that they are working on a revised Competition Rule Book and it should be completed soon. The COMP Committee is also putting on an event in Longview at the fairgrounds called “Barrel Racing Extravaganza” as an additional money maker for the PNW. More information and advertising will be coming soon. We hope this will be another money making activity for the PNW.

MEMBERSHIP: Nothing new to report at this time.

PNW WEB SITE: Director Earl Nettnin asked how everyone was doing with the new membership program on line. All present said they had sent their renewal’s in by snail mail; they didn’t feel the program was very user friendly.

CLUB POWER/WE DID IT: Chairman Gary Harting gave his report. Gary read the report from Winter Convention by our PNW Club Power/We Did It Chairman Kathy Greenwood (Off Road Animals). She has made some changes to the old forms and if the Board approves them at the March Board meeting she will send new forms out. Gary said that he had reported that Region 4 has submitted 7,406 miles driven and 1,976 hours worked on projects. Gary said 14 letters for Quill Power had been submitted.

TRAIL JAMBOREE: Copies of the Trail Jamboree report from Winter Convention were passed out. Registration begins on February 20th at 8 AM. The Jamboree clean-up and Trail Host meeting is scheduled for April 21st at Jim Sprick Park at 9 AM. More information can be found on the PNW’s web site or call Sid/Kelda Hagemeier (Shindig Wheelers) at 509-698-3703.

JR. JEEPERS: No report was turned in.

PR: Chairman Clay Graham (Yakima Kittitas Forest Watch) is doing a great job of getting information out. If you want something sent out, please get the information to Clay.

Region Director Earl Nettnin passed out copies of his report that he gave at Winter Convention. Earl reported that we have a new WA State Executive Director, his name is Jim Putman (The Hombres); Jim is out of Region 2 and you can reach him at or or by telephone at 253-686-9217. Earl wanted to let everyone know that he had had a meeting with Irene Davidson, the District Ranger for Naches prior to the last TWIG meeting on February 7th, also present at that meeting: Doug Conner (Roamin’ Chariots) and Ron Rutherford (Jeepin’ Nomads). The purpose of this meeting was to get some clarifications on what had been said by Irene Davidson (and what she meant) at the previous TWIG meetings. Lots of discussion followed. At the TWIG meeting February 7 the following material was handed out: Naches Ranger District Trail Volunteer Program (Vision Statement); Spring Trail closure and Comment Form; and Trail Adoption Application. We need to make comments on the Spring Trail Closure before February 25th the District hopes to have a signed decision by February 28th. So time is short. We believe that the closures of a trail should be by having a trail assessment done of each trail. The District wants to have it be an annual order closing ALL motorized trails to ALL users from April 1 to June 1. Send your comments to the Naches Ranger District, 10237 Hwy 12, Naches, WA 98937; e-mail to According to a pie chart that was handed out there are 1,184 total trail miles; of this total we have 170.71 4WD/ATV miles of trail. Repair of the 1900 road will have two closures from the 15th of July – 16th of August. There is no quick fix for repair of the roads that were washed out due to flood damage in 2011. The 1808, 1601 will be fixed in 2012 and 1700, 1501 will be finished in 2013; the 1702, 1703, 1707, 1708, that provide access to motorized trails and other recreation activities, snow mobile, hunting, etc will follow. The road systems will be analyzed in the next 1 – 3 years to determine if and how they will be fixed and reopened to motorized traffic. If the decision is made to reopen them it may take up to 5 years to complete. We will need to find out what kind of access we will have during our Trail Jamboree. The Travel Management Plan will be out in April. The Forest Revision Plan is coming out soon; in this plan they want to close 10 miles of user built trails a year for 15 years; we had all better be making comments on this. The BLM (Bureau of Land Management) is coming out with a revision plan also; public comment is open and ends February 23rd, 2012. There were no public meetings in Washington for the BLM. Juniper Dunes is open; however, the NO TRESSPASSING SIGN is still up on private land. Discussion followed on clean-up activities at the Dunes. Doug Conner (Roamin’ Chariots) said it is impossible to contact the County as they are all on administrative leave. The Franklin County Sheriff’s department has a Humvee that they are patrolling the dunes with. Bald Mountain – the Rock Creek/Bald Mountain Phase 3 acquisition is complete. We need to find out if we have to have a Discover Pass to drive on the road to get to our trails at Trail Jamboree. Discussion then followed on the Discover Pass. Right now there are 15 bills in the legislature on the Discover Pass.
Grants: if anyone is applying for a grant from the Recreation and Conservation office the deadline is July 2nd, 2012. For more information contact Kaleen Cottingham at
WENAS: the land exchange between Fish and Wildlife and DNR is progressing.
PLANNING RULE: The U.S. Forest Service Summary of the Preferred Alternative for the Land Management Planning Rule is just getting started. If you are interested in getting additional information about the Planning Rule and the preferred alternative electronically go to
The plan components would be required to provide for sustainable recreation, which can include recreation opportunities on land, water and in the air. The preferred alternative also requires the Chief of the Forest Service to establish a national oversight process to ensure accountability and consistency in planning across the system.

WOHVA (Washington Off Highway Vehicle Alliance) and NMA (Northwest Motorcycle Association) is going before the Supreme Court in early February on the misappropriation of our 2009 NOVA funds. However, it will probably be a year before oral arguments are heard. We need to have a heads up as the Legislature is trying to sweep the funds again.
Winter Convention: We have some new Board members, WA State Exec. Director Jim Putman (The Hombres); Region 3 Director Kyle Wiebold (Vancouver 4-Wheelers); and Region 6 Director Ann Haak (Harney County High Desert Wheelers). Some members of Region 4 have concerns about the protest at the Forest Service Headquarters in Portland that is being planned. After viewing the clip at Winter Convention that was posted on our Web site about closing of trails, the question was asked if the Board had looked into contacting a lawyer for legal advice before things really get out of hand; answer not at this time.

Pick Up A Mountain flyers were passed out. Our coordinator Pam Remley (Shindig Wheelers) needs help with some of the activities. Check Region 4’s Face Book to see just how you might help.

The Recreation Trails Program (RTP) is accepting nominations for your favorite trail by March 31, 2012. For information and the application form contact Duane Taylor at 703 416-0444 or

Desert Rats had our after Christmas party with White Elephant gift exchange at Sterling’s in Richland. February 3-5 we had a run to the Tucannon; our delegates attended Winter Convention; a run has been called the first weekend in March back to the Tucannon. We are in the planning stages for the Cool Desert Nights Cruise and would like to extend an invitation to any club that would like to help us with security, please contact Gary Harting ASAP at (509) 302-5587 or The date of the Cruise is June 22nd. We are in the process of updating our Constitution and By-Laws.
Roamin’ Chariots not much going on, however they did have representation at Winter Convention.
Ridgerunners had a club run on January 7th and another run planned this weekend. Their two delegates had a good time at Winter Convention. They have seven candidates, Josh Wesselius was elected their Leader; they are going to try and adopt the 615 and 621 trails (back side of Darland & Gray Rock). They are working on their new site.
Shindig Wheelers have been snowmobiling a lot; several members have been on invitational runs with the Gleed Boys. They had a Christmas Party with White Elephant gift exchange. They have a new member. Some of them attended Winter Convention. They have started talks with the Jeepin’ Nomads about taking over their swap meet in September at Mobile Fleet.
Peak Putters had a 3 Ball run at Juniper, their snow and sand run to Juniper turned out to be a bust. They have a run February 18th to the Cowiche area and one March 3rd to Nasty Creek; and when the grooming is finished they plan a run called Camp Shamp.

The door prize was won by Josh Wesselius.

The Good of the Order:
Moonshiner’s Swap meet March 11, 2012 in Puyallup at the Fair Grounds.
White Knuckle 4X4 Club swap meet September 30, 2012 at the Enumclaw Exposition Center.

The next meeting dates for Region 4 will be:
March 13, 7:30 PM at Liberty Off Road in Moses Lake, WA
April 10, 2012 at Magic’s Pizza in Selah, WA

Future Meetings/Events
Board Meeting March 10th, 2012 in Fife, WA hosted by the Hombres
Slab Clean-Up March 24, 2012 hosted by Yakima Kittitas Forest Watch
Trail Jamboree clean-up and Trail Host meeting at Jim Sprick Park April 21st, 2012
Moses Lake Sand Dunes Clean-up April 28th, 2012
Beverly Sand Dunes Clean-up May 5th, 2012
Barrel Extravaganza May 5th, 2012 in Longview, WA

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM
Respectfully Submitted,

Sande Nettnin, Secretary/Treasurer
Region 4 – PNW4WDA

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