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Dave McMains 01-25-2009 04:47 PM

Idaho state Director
Ok now we can talk without messing everyone up! You need to call Luke May the association President and ask him if you can represent Idaho as the state director. I do not know if he will OK your expenses for WC as it is so close. I would like to see him do it as we need people like you to see how we work!
You need to be sure and look at the constitution and bylaws and be familiar with how we are allowed to work. As a board member, we have to answer to the delegates and that they are the people we serve. We (the bod) are alowed a certian amount of meal expenses per every day we are on the road. The association does pay your gas expenses and your motel expenses, just keep them reasonable! Most of the time you can not claim all your meal expenses, but you would have to eat anyway, right?

As far as your club being reimbursed for their trail expenses, talk to Jeff Williams , west. Not the Jeff from Spokane, this guy is the coordinator for the Tahuya State Forrest for the PNW4WDA. I believe he is listed on the web site under the Tahyua heading. He can tell you what needs to be done for approval for a "grant". They had a drawing of the proposed project, a discription of what needed to be done a discription of the machinery that needed to be used to complete the project, and all the proposed expenses. We then gave him the OK for the project and they went out and did it. Then he submited an invoice to us that showed all the expenses itemized and totaled, as it turned out they did the job under budget and ahead of time so their total expenses were actually less the what they asked for. It was a very rewarding experience! Your club needs , no has, to come to Yakima to tell their story and see if we can offer the same as what we did for the Quadrapaws! This is a lot better way to work than ragging about how we dont do this or dont do that now isint it!:clap:

EagleMark 01-25-2009 07:39 PM

I will try to contact Luke tonight.

The grant you are speaking of is from the PNW4WDA? Because we are set up with grants and sponsors from Forrest Service and BLM for next year. One of our members has also sat on the board for Parks and Recreation for 6 years anticipating these days.

If I could get gas and motel fees paid I would not even worry about the food.

If Luke will approve this I will bring it up at our next meeting which is before WC. They must be behind me which I suspect they will as they support all that I do.

I will look around but do you know where to make reservations?

I see some one changed my user title? A Polite conversation may have been better. Now I have freedom of speech issues to complain about...

Dave McMains 01-25-2009 07:54 PM

I will get you a reservation if Luke says ok. I usually set them up for the Board and guests. While you are at the meeting, I will give you a reimbursment form to fill out when you get home, you will list your meals with reciepts along with gas reciepts and mail it to me, I will cut you a check and have it signed by either Sande Nettnin the secretary or Luke, we learned our lesson about allowing just one person sign.

Dave McMains 01-25-2009 07:58 PM

Oh ya the grant , The PNW4WDA has a trail maintenance fund that we can use to help clubs maintain trails we are just getting this off the ground. It was proposed last year at W/C and seems to be a real good thing. I am just guessing about your user name but maybe it is because you are on the Idaho page and from Idaho? I dont really know.

EagleMark 01-25-2009 08:13 PM

I just read the constitution and bylaws. State diredtor does not seem to require more than I could do.

What other things can PNW4WDA help us with here in Idaho?

As far as my title I am guessing someone is trying to change my reputation. It used to be Full Size with Chain Saw...

Dave McMains 01-25-2009 08:26 PM

I thought you would see the light!:icon_lol: With the name PNW4WDA Idaho State Director attached to your name, when you talk to any forrest service or BLM represenitive will recieve a little more respect for what you say. I have just been re appointed to the Eastern Washington RAC for the BLM, this also includes the CourDAlene district also so they know who we are! The name recognition is priceless!

JeepNirvana 01-25-2009 09:49 PM


Originally Posted by EagleMark (Post 1321)
I just read the constitution and bylaws. State diredtor does not seem to require more than I could do.

What other things can PNW4WDA help us with here in Idaho?

As far as my title I am guessing someone is trying to change my reputation. It used to be Full Size with Chain Saw...

We know you have the motherload of awesome trails in Idaho with all the secret hotsprings locations and are just trying to brownose you.
It's about the wheelin...:nod:


jim putman 01-26-2009 12:00 AM


Originally Posted by EagleMark (Post 1343)
Yeah well we need some help to get stuff like that as legal trails...

What's a RAC?

Brian White is the new BLM Recreation planner I have had meetings with here in the CDA office. He is fully behind us and what we have done and want to do. :bounce2:

I love that little bouncey guy!

Does anyone have experience getting old mining claims? We have tons of areas up here that would be wonderful off road trails if we could get the rights to the land.

I also have a call into Luke and our president to bring this up at our next meeting.

RAC= Resource advisory council Most of the forest service districts as well as BLM have them. They are comprised of volunteers from differant user groups and local govt officials.

Art Waugh 01-26-2009 12:12 PM

If the mining claim is "patented" it has been bought from the govt., and is private property. Otherwise, a mining claim only gives either the surface or below surface mineral rights to that piece of ground, depending on the type of claim (placer or lode). While the claim holder can't legally keep you from crossing the claim, the agency involved usually works with the claim holders to minimize vandalism theft, and chance of injury. You should get a list of claim holders in the area you would like to use, and get with them and the agency to explain who and what you are, and what you would like.

JeepNirvana 02-15-2009 09:44 PM


Originally Posted by EagleMark (Post 1577)
Thank you for the information Art.

I tried contacting Luke via the 800 number a week or so ago but yet to here from him. Is there anything I need to do to get this on the agenda for winter convention?

I have the support of our club president for the position and will be brought up at our meeting.

I also received recommendation for Forum leader for Idaho and Region seven section of the new website. So I believe he will also support me for the position.

Very nice to meet you this weekend. I wish I had more opportunity to talk with you.
The folks I spoke with were very excited to have you there and hear you speak on the Idaho area.
I am one of your supportors as Forum Leader for Idaho and Region seven.


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