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jim putman 04-13-2012 10:22 AM

chainsaw certification classes (naches)
Hello trail maintenance and project volunteers!! The Naches Ranger District will be hosting four saw training/certification and recertification sessions in the spring and early summer of 2012. If you plan to use a crosscut saw or chain saw on volunteer work projects (from simple clearing trails to helping replace bridges) on the Naches Ranger District this summer you will need to either attend an initial saw training and certification session or attend an annual recertification session (if you have previously been certified to use a saw by the US Forest Service).

The sessions this year will be held April 28th (focus on initial certification for Chain Saw operators), May 9th (focus on recertification for Chain Saw Operators), May 19th (focus on Chain Saw and/or Crosscut Saw recertification), and June 9th (focus on initial certification for Chainsaw and/or Crosscut Saw operators). If you can’t make the event that matches the focus to your needs sign up for the session that you can attend that most closely meets your needs. We want to train and certify as many saw operators as needed and as possible. Sign up by sending Jeff Leisy , trails, wilderness, and OHV coordinator on the Naches Ranger District an email with the subject line “Saw Training Certification Sign Up” with the date you are interested in and your contact and affiliation information. Sign up will be first come first serve. There are still lots of open slots for all dates. My email address is:

We will be meeting at 8:00am on the day the each session here at the Ranger Station Office. You will need to make sure that you bring with you leather lugged soled boots, long pants, long sleeved shirt, eye protection, ear protection, hard hat (if you have one otherwise we will provide), saw chaps (if you have one otherwise we will provide), a chainsaw that you plan to use for trail work and associated gas, oil, and tools, rain gear, and lunch. We’ll spend sometime here at the office reviewing Forest Service Safety procedures and policy and then head out to the cutting site. Returning sawyers who are looking to be recertified from previous years should expect an 8 hour day and new sawyers should expect a 10 hour day.

Please note that these Saw Trainings and Recertifications are designed with the expectation that participants come with the knowledge and experience to use saws, to read basic binds, and to apply appropriate cutting techniques to manage binds as well as other safety concerns. These sessions are designed to certify folks who have experience using either chain saws or crosscut saws, they are not designed to train and certify folks who have little to no previous experience. If a need exists to provide training for inexperienced folks we will schedule sessions later in the summer or early fall. A great reference for reviewing Forest Service sawing terminology, principles, and procedures is the USFS Missoula Technology and Development Center Chain Saw and Crosscut Saw Training Course Student's Guidebook .

This training guide can be found on-line at: Once at this site scroll down to document number 0667-2C01-MTDC titled: Chain Saw and Crosscut Saw Training Course . You don’t need to memorize the entire guide, but it will help to review and study those things that look unfamiliar.

Thanks for your interest in helping to better our trail system, and we’ll see at the session that matches your focus and calendar, ready to saw!

Jeff Leisy (

Trails, Wilderness, OHV Coordinator

Naches RD, Wenatchee-Okanagan National Forest

10237 Hwy 12, Naches, WA 98937

(509) 653-1438

Fax (509) 653-2638

jim putman 04-13-2012 10:43 AM

Link to the page with the instruction booklet

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