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ADragoo 03-13-2009 11:21 AM

Lock old forum
Webmaster(s): You need to lock down the old forums. Spammers are active in the Questions, ... forum there. Leave the old forum there so people can view old discussions, but lock them down and put a link to these new forums.

EagleMark 03-13-2009 11:13 PM

That is strange as I tried to post there a couple weeks ago and was denied as only admin or something could post?

But yes it should be locked completely.

Dogfather 03-14-2009 12:09 AM

I found that today and am working on it a little at a time some threads are locked and some are not yet each time I get a few minutes I jump overthere and work on Locking them down.

I have been ask Verry Often for the Link so I made the Archive link today.

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