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marty tilford 01-06-2009 03:37 PM

Helmet Cameras
I purchased a helmet camera last weekend. Its an Oregon Scientific ATC 3K. They said that is water proof and mud proof. I was wondering if someone has ever used one of these? I'm planning on using it on my Jeep for trail runs and races. I have yet to use it but am planning on trying it at the next race.:D

dirk 01-06-2009 07:02 PM

I have seen these in use...

Go Pro Digital Hero

wcjp 01-06-2009 09:41 PM

The linked camera appears to record 1gb per 30minutes. If possible run an 8gb memory. This should give you roughly 4hrs. Most devices have a maximum limit of memory recognized.

Ceg_ 01-07-2009 09:24 AM

I have been wanting one for years. Lets us know how it works for you.

Dianamal77 01-07-2009 04:53 PM

We've been using an el-cheapo Tony Hawk helmet cam at the races. Works pretty good. Let me know how the Oregon Scientific ATC 3K works, we may consider an upgrade.

jim putman 01-07-2009 06:35 PM

Costco is selling a helmet cam at its stores and online for about $100. not sure on the brand though

marty tilford 01-08-2009 05:43 PM

The one I got only costs $100. I'm excited to see how it works.

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