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I know you were not accusing us of this type of behavior but Just so everyone who reads this knows we as a club do not believe in by-passes or cutting down trees so the larger rigs will fit!!! In fact we spend countless hours fixing other people's by-passes .Me and Ceg live for the tight twisty trails I do agree with you as the popularity of running trails have increased, Unnamed jerks have tried to make highways out of the trails becouse they are worried that they will have to drive in downtown bellview and be seen with scratches or worse dents in there rigs. I used to run Rimrock with my father when I was a pup and even since then things have changed . I remember when short and dirty used to be so tight that my Dad had to be extremely careful not to wedge his 68 bronco between 2 trees. That was fun. Now just about anyone can run a large rig down that trail ...Not so much fun .It is frustrating . And I worry it will only get worse now that the JK is out . Ok this is were our opinions might differ I have no problems with the Xj size rigs running these tight twisty trails believe me I have seen some incredible driving from Ceg to get around trees without getting dents but I do expect others driving these sort of rigs to run these trails as they were meant to be run .Instead of making the trail to be ran as they think it should be run. The only saw that should come out is the sawzall to get rid of the fender or other parts that keep them from getting through the trail. Now everyone who reads this knows how I feel . If anyone disagrees with my opinion dont worry I can sleep at night knowing that people disagree. I feel no need to argue my points .I hope people will just read it and take what I say in .
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