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went out today for a few hours after i got off work, doesnt really feel like i did much cause i kinda just bounced around. i pulled the motor mounts off the cross member, the driver side was fun. painted some of the front frame section. pulled the front diff cover and cleaned it up and painted it, inside the diff didnt look bad, a ittle bit of metal grind in there but no chunks or anything like that and the fluid looked fairly new. also started to sand the hood down, i dont know about anyone else but MOPAR to me just screams blacked out hood ;D

thats a 2 foot pipe wrench and a 3 foot pipe on my half inch drive

installed the front diff cover today

found the diff tag on the rear when i pulled the diff cover. the fluid in the front axle wasnt too bad but the rear diff must have been the red headed stepchild, 3.54 gears (not what id hoped for but oh well)

and the first coat of semi gloss on the hood

kinda splurged a little this morning. i tried to clean up the valve cover but there is so much crap baked onto the inside and i couldnt get it all out of there and i didnt want to chance any of it getting into the new motor so here we go

Fabricated Small Block Mopar Aluminum Valve Covers

These are a fully TIG welded aluminum cover. Thick 1/4" billet rail. 1 1/4" baffled breather holes. 3.5" tall. Includes bolts.
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