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Thumbs up And While I'm on the Subject!

When we go to the Washington trails section where trails are listed you are not able to determine any who, where and how stuff about the trail.

I would suggest restructuring the section as follows. Put the areas in their corresponding Land Management sections. Liberty, Manastash and Fortune Creek or all named trails in district belong in a section to the Cle Elum Ranger District. Rimrock, Naches Wagon Trail (east), Cloversprings, Funny Rocks and all named trails in district belong in a section for the Naches Ranger District. Evans Creek and Naches Wagon Trail (Pass) (west) belong in a section to the White River District.

DNR areas could be structured like the other areas mentioned.

Within each section you could provide contact info to the authorities who have management duties. You could also appeal to our members or our Land Managers to provide a description and map of the area. Or gain permission from a webpage that has already taken these steps.

Just seems we started with an idea and now its time to refine it a bit.

Here are (2) you can start with. and

Part of my logic here is that I encounter a large number of folks on the trail who have no clue as to what management district they are in. This leaves them uncertain as to who to ask about conditions, comment about conditions, report problems, or know the rules of where they are at.

I think we can do something here to help remendy this and make for a more informed user. Please contact me to help explain this further.
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