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Originally Posted by dirk View Post
A blog would be a step in the right direction.

At my work the CEO of the company has a page on our intranet (our internal network) where ANY employee in the company (7,000 plus) can ask a question. This allows the CEO time to consult, research & discuss BEFORE posting an official answer to the question.

Maybe this could be something added to the Members Only section...that way difficult questions could be asked & solid answers could be given.
Originally Posted by JeepNirvana View Post
I believe a sub forum could be created in the members area where we could fiddle with the permissions to make it bloglike.

Edward is the guru in this department if the BOD wants it pretty sure we can make it happen.

So...where are we at with this idea? Maybe we could have a comment link on the main web page that would allow anyone to submit a question or comment. Similar to this...
The submissions to the comment box could be reviewed by the BOD and an official response could be posted in the Members Only section. It should be possible to create a section that is viewable by the membership, but only the BOD members have permission to post in.

This would provide a way for the BOD to interact with the membership in a controlled fashion.

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