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Originally Posted by dirk View Post
Could we accomplish the same thing by leaving it as is AND adding a sticky thread to the top that contains the following relevant information about the area:
  • Agency
  • Key players within the agency & Contact Info
  • PNW4WDA Land Manager contact info
  • Trail Map
I like how it is currently set up, but really see value in adding this information to each individual trail section.
Using the Cle Elum as an example let's see if I can explain how I see it might be.

The title would be Washington Trails. Click to open.Then one of the choices would would be Cle Elum Ranger District. Click to open. That page would show a description of the Management authority and links. On the same Page would be Titles to Manastash, Liberty and Fortune Creek. Click on your choice. That would open a page that has a description and map of the area. Also would be sections to each trail by Name and trail #. Click on that choice and you get a page of User threads concerning the named trail. It would also be posible to add a sticky thread to explain trail difficulty and conditions.

My reason for a format such as this is the Cle Elum has almost 30 trails for 4x4 in 3 geographic areas. Very few of which are listed in our forum.

The Naches District also has numerous trail scatter thruout 3 or 4 geographic area. Also with few listed.

Evans Creek has numerous trails.

As does Elbe, Walker Valley, Tahuya, Yalcolt Burn, Reiter, Beverly, Moses Lake. I've left out other as they are too numerous to count. You get the idea though. All under DNR or BLM management.

As a side note each area as well as each Land Management Agency has different rules and vehicle restrictions.

Would be nice and add to the sections value if we could start listing them under a better format than we do now.
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