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Originally Posted by JeepNirvana View Post
Thanks Merrick. Sounds like we got some good stuff to talk about at Winter Convention.
This is exactly the type of thing we wanted help with with some forum leader folks.

On a completely different subject. Dianna started a thread some time ago called Monday Night Meet Ups. For awhile we would all pop in and say hi on monday nights.
I'd like to get something like that going again where we all popped in and bantered on a specific night of the week.

If your talking about a small round table discussion. Good Idea. Anything more I would suggest not. The webmaster has control of putting this forum together. He has Director status as a BOD member. He only need to ( as Captain Picuard Of Startrek said) "MAKE IT SO!" As long as what he does is within the guidelines of the Prez. To do otherwise is going to make changing this modern form of media a long process.
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