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Default The Dog

Yup here is My Big Boy.

Well you know I could not go with out posting pics of the Dog

Quilceen Aug 2005 My first run with The Dog we had this Crazy guy telling us that this whole was my kind of hole... Yeah Right I didn't even make it in.

Crunch and I posing for a Poser Pic, Gosh I love the dog it went anywhere when I first got it.

Kapowsin 2005 Look how the bed and the cab twist, I got my first Body Damage out there

Ethyl 2006 My First Cascade Mud Bog, it was rainny and cold so there must have not been much Compitition.

Right after they pulled me out look at all that thick gooy stuff

I took 3rb Place at my First Run boy let me tell you Talk about boost the Mud injection... I was done fer

Ethyl 2006 Didn't even come close this time but that don't discurage me non
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