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Default 2009 Winter Convention Internet class

2009 Winter Convention Internet class

At the last two Region 4 meetings we talked about why the PNW4WDA forums are dead when they are a great tool. Some of these guys say they have PCs but don't know how to sign up. Others post some but do not understand how to put up pictures. Some do not want to try anything new and are still running points in their rigs.

Wildman, and I are putting on an Internet class Friday night and Saturday at the Winter Convention. The class is to help members sign up here and learn how to post and post pics. Please tell your club members about the class so we can help them use this forum. Let them know how the internet can help them keep in the loop of what goes on in the PNW4WDA.

Originally Posted by Wildman View Post
Yes I will be there with my laptop plus I am bringing an additional laptop.

I plan on being there sometime around 6PM. I hope to be down in the hospitality room around 7PM. Since Clay, Ron and I have not had a chance to hook up before the convention it will take us 30-60 minutes to get ready. So lets say that we will be putting on the class starting around 8PM Friday and then 10AM to 4PM on Saturday.

Pipe in Clay or Ron if you want to change anything I just suggested.
3 Internert Forum Class times
Friday 8 PM
Saturday morning 10 AM
Saturday afternoon 4 PM
Clay Graham

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