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Default Hello Again

Hey Folks as you probably read we Jacked everything up with a slip of the tongue....

Oh wait it was a click of the mouse... Hummm ain't that about the same? Say the wrong words or click the wrong button and Kawham it's all done. except the apologies?

Any way !!!!!!!!

Hey Region Two

Lets get some Ideas as to How we can Make Our Region Forums area Better than it was before?

Now I know that a couple of Region twos folks are Mods/Admins on the Board but I want to hear from others

What can we do to get you to stop in and Chat with us?

So here is a question We had the region Minuts posted here so you could read them is that something people would Like?

Speak Up Region two

What about the Clubs of the Region? Was that a Popular area?

Tell Me what you think....
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