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Default What Club do you run with??

I assume you all know I run with the Dogs

That's right The Dogs from DogpoundOffroad

We are a mix of Mutts that Like it Ruff

For more information you can sign up at then click on Washington Forums
, Don't forget to send me an email telling me you signed up so I can approve your account.

We have a mixture of Rigs from full size to Samurai's, Jeeps, Rangers, Troopers, land rovers, Daihatsu's, Cherokees, TJ's, YJ's Toyota's you name it we probably have one running somewhere.

We are a diverse Group of experianced to novis to beginners. We leave no one on the trail. We also do not allow Drinking and wheeling, you want to drink do it at camp you want to wheel come with us.

We wheel mostly Elbe hills ORV area due to the vast Majority of our Club lives in Yelm and we a bunch a Broke sons a Broke momma's.

So Saddle up your wheeler sign on our board and lets hit the trail..

Edward Campbell
Edward Campbell
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Region 2 Director 2008-2010 Glad to help.
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