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we have had a few guys go to the last couple of panel meetings, the panel was actually suprised that there were people interested in adding input. they have 2 meetings a month, one for the motorized side and one for the non-motorized. the non-motorized meetings has alot more people show up than the motorized, BUT we are working with the non-motorized people to help show them that we will help support them also.

Back to the motorized panel, they have some rough drawn maps and want us to go out and drive the area, if theres a road thats not on the map, mark it down. If we see an area that would be a good rock garden, mark it on the map, if we need a trail somewhere (you guessed it) mark it on the map and they will try to make it happen. They are excited about building new trails and making it an area people will want to go.

Right now the panel is working on budget items for this year to get more federal grants and the posibility of buying more land, but already on the slate for this year is finishing the campground (50% right now), adding the toilets, and building more trail.

heres a site with maps of some of the proposed trails
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