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Default Got the New Droid the otherday

Hey Folks any one have a new Phone?

I got the New Motorola Droid.

The Wife got one and set her Omnia touch screen phone aside

For Sale: 3 month old Omnia By Samsung

Anyway she did not like it due to fat fingers and so we bought her a Droid... While helping her set it up I kind of liked it allot so I put down My Crackberry

and Got the Droid

Only Problem so far it's not dependable to get all my Email.

Went to bed last night and I know during the Night the Spammers attach our Board and I should have 25-50 emails of New Registrants..... But this morning???? None it says can not connect to server???? WTF?

Thank you PNW4WDA I get on here and type this up and Bam 60 emails allov the sudden appere in my Email I thought my Phone was having a seizer

Any body else Have a new Phone?
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