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ha ha ha ha Dude I just take 3 days of reasearch to learn how to make it as good I mean better than My Crackberry

Still need to figure out how to put date on front screen

But talk about calendar synchronization OMG I love the Google Calendar It syncs with my Outlook cal then sends it to my Phone. Geeze I might just quit using Outlook all together anything I put on my Phone calendar is within 2 minutes on my Google calendar... Oh and My Billion Contacts..... Yeah from the Crack berry to the Droid right there in the store via Google....... Dude I have always Loved Google as a search engine ..... But My God Google Rocks....

How you like the right side of your key board???
Do you have long thumbs?

Have you viewed pictures from emails yet?

awww it's cool I just looked at Warpaths Photobucket pics it's cool
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