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Default BRC/Reiter

Grumpy (dave w) I swiped this off of The PP site since I couldnt repl to it there and this is a real hot button topic for me.

Posted: Wed Mar 10, 2010 2:43 pm Post subject: BRC and Reiter!


DNR has closed Reiter, if and when it re-opens the DNR plans to make it much smallerMarch 9th, 2010


Dear BRC members, supporters and action alert subscribers,

Our partners over at the Northwest Motorcycle Association (NMA) sent us word that the Washington State Department of Natural Resources has released its Draft Reiter Foothills Forest Recreation Plan.

You can read NMA's alert here:

BRC is asking our members and supporters in Washington to contact Washington DNR Commissioner of Public Lands, Peter Goldmark, telling him the DNR should prioritize motorized recreation at Reiter.

We've put together another one of our INSANELY EASY 3-Step action items below.

Please take action today, and please forward this to friends and family who could help.

Thanks in advance,
Ric Foster
Public Lands Department Manager
BlueRibbon Coalition
ext 107



The Washington State Department of Natural Resources has released its Draft Reiter Foothills Forest Recreation Plan, and there are serious concerns about the current plan. The new DNR plan proposes limiting ORV use to only 1,100 acres. That is 72.5% less land for ORV use than what has historically been available.

The DNR admits that 1,100 acres is inadequate to accommodate existing ORV use, and their own research has identified additional area suitable for ORV use. Still they refuse to increase the area available to ORVs.

Please write to Washington DNR Commissioner of Public Lands, Peter Goldmark, telling him what you think of this plan, and asking him for a detailed reply on how he plans to solve the problem.


NOTE: Please Remember - be polite. If possible, make your comments as personal as you can.

STEP 1: Open your email program and start a draft email. Address the email to Put "Draft Reiter Foothills Forest Recreation Plan"
in the Subject Line.

STEP 2: Use the comments below as a guideline for comments in your email.
Cut and paste is okay, but try to make your comment letter as personal as possible.

STEP 3: Take just a minute to add a bit about where you live, where you like to ride
and how much trail-based recreation means to you. Be certain to include your
name and address. A return email address is NOT sufficient! ("anonymous" emails
are often discarded).

EXTRA CREDIT: If you can add any personal testimony about your experiences enjoying this spectacular area, please take a minute to add that to your email.

Then click "Send" and you're done!


The area the proposed Reiter Foothill plan allocates for motorized recreation is significantly inadequate to facilitate the current recreational usage. This shortcoming is addressable as noted below.
In addition to the proposed ORV area, additional suitable area should be allocated for lightweight, single-track motorized recreation.

It is important that the DNR recognize that different types of ORV use have different impacts on the landscape. Just because the largest ORV may be inappropriate in a specific area, that should not preclude allowing lightweight two wheeled ORV access.

Prioritizing motorized recreation at Reiter is consistent with the DNR's Statewide Recreation Program Vision and Management Goals. "DNR envisions a future in which the lands it manages offer distinct and diverse outdoor recreation opportunities within the overall fabric of recreation in Washington."

The overall fabric of recreation in Washington includes prohibitions on motorized trail recreation in all National Parks, all Wilderness Areas, all Natural Resource Conservation Areas, all State Parks (except the 600 acre Riverside facility near Spokane), the Mt Baker/Snoqualmie National Forest, and the vast majority of county and city parks. At a statewide level, motorized trail use is prohibited on over 80 percent of the trail mileage. In the areas adjacent to the Reiter Foothills, that prohibition is 100 percent.

When considering the overall recreation fabric, it is reasonable for all areas within the Reiter study area that are found to be suitable for motorized recreation to be incorporated in the plan as areas where some form of motorized trail recreation is allowed.

The Reiter Foothills Forest Recreation Plan shows that the offroad motorcyclists are the largest user group, their recreational needs should be a priority.

( Can we lean a mite heavier in favor of 4x4's, and then kick to help with NOVA?! I feel a nastygram coming on...DW)
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This is exactly why I don't support Blue-ribbon anymore. The idea of a large blanket Org. that supports us all is a great idea but time and time again all I see from Blue-ribbon is action supporting snowmobiles and motorcycle. in every alert I have seen from them in recent years 4x4 use is conspicuously absent And to add to the cake where was blue ribbon with the NOVA funding theft ? Where is blue ribbon at with their "Backcountry" designation ? With all of the wilderness grabs going on this should be their absolute highest priority but nothing has happened with it since it was introduced years ago. It still just remains as a idea on the table. I supported Blue-ribbon for years when it was new and if they ever open their eyes and start supporting ALL of us I will again. Until then I will donate my time and money to the ORGs that actually support OUR use as 4x4s. Jim
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